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Support for Neil

Over the course of the summer Neil Drummond will be participating in three charity rides. Details below for anybody wishing to join Neil but if not, I’m sure he would appreciate sponsorship for these worthwhile causes. The first one, the Macclesfield Bikeathon is on 20 May 2023 , followed by Manchester to Blackpool on 9 […]

The Long Way Home

The highlight of Summer 2020 It’s taken a few months before I got around to writing this one up – I rode in August 2020, in that narrow window of opportunity to actually ride in and out of Wales between the waves of the pandemic! For a long time I’ve wanted to try riding to […]

New routes on the horizon…

Bit of a micro-blog, but relevant nevertheless. Yesterday, the 26th February 2021, the Silver Jubilee Bridge in Runcorn re-opened after 3 years. Why is this news and being posted on our web site? Simple. It is the first bridge locally that I know of that now has a dedicated and separated cycle roadway. That’s right. […]

COVID-19 Update

Given that the government announced changes and some relaxation to rules about time spent outdoors, this is just an update with regard to WVCC activities and cycling in general. There are still NO club activities. NO group rides, NO time trials, NO road or circuit racing until such time as we announce it. Do not […]

Loggerheads on sugar

All things considered (Llanberis panic training), it was a fairly small contingent at the Rugby Club on Sunday morning. The weather was really mild compared to recent weeks so it was set to be a nice clear day on the bike for all, with just a bit of wind to contend with. Having ridden 85 […]