The absolutely essential destination for any self-respecting club! The cafe is the place for rest, re-fuelling and banter aplenty!

Planning a club run? Use this map to find a cafe near to your destination. Just enter your destination postcode, address or town, select a radius, and the map will show selected cafes in the area!


This is a table to record all of the cafes on the map. There is a rating system to give you some idea of what the cafe is like. If it has 5   then you can take it that it is worth a visit as it is as near perfect a cycling cafe as can be found! 1 probably means that it’s just about acceptable to feed you to get home!!!
Click on any entry to see the location on the map.
This table will grow and change over time. If you have a favourite cafe that you’d like to add, then just email the details to and it will be added. If you do this, email as much information as you can (including a photograph if possible). If you think the rating needs to change (including a thumbs down for cafes to avoid), let us know!

Now that we are operating in a world of GPS, I’ve also exported the cafe list to a Sat-Nav friendly GPX file, which you can load into your Garmin (other GPS units are available!), or your phone if compatible. It is at the link below (as a zip file so you’ll have to extract the file first), and you can load it via your GPS software onto your device.

*Be warned* that there are nearly 400 cafe locations in the file, and if your location memory on your device hasn’t got much space left, you may be advised to load it into some software first (e.g. Garmin Basecamp, Memory Map, etc), and select just the locations that you want to send to your GPS. If you want to have aslightly smaller file, then use the Cycle Cafes 64 link to download a bunch of cafes, again in GPX format, all within a 64 mile* radius of the club.

WVCC Cycle Cafes

Cycle Cafes 64

*as the crow flies – so will likely be much further when navigating to the furthest destinations!!