Saturday Club Rides

Every Saturday there are  two faster paced , dropping rides named the 0900 and 0901 being the start times from the meeting point at Hatchmere (Delamere Road B5152 intersection with Ashton Road in front of the Fortune Palace restaurant). Both rides are ‘dropping’ rides so for any newcomers it is best to familiarise yourself with the route beforehand (contact Club Secretary). The 0900 ride is more suited to stronger riders with average speed of 19 to 21 mph whilst the 0901 is usually between 17 – 19 mph. Both rides take the same route with a cafe destination in Holt near Wrexham either direct or with a loop around Bangor on Dee. The return leg goes via Tarporley through Eaton and in to Hartford via Whitegate which gives riders opportunity to peel off for their home destination

Sunday Club Runs

Unless otherwise stated, all road runs leave from Weaver Valley Cycling Club, Burrows Hill, Hartford CW8 3AA

(see the map from the ‘How to find us’ menu). Please also ensure that you check the calendar, as further details will be posted there.

Volunteers to navigate club runs please contact John Keen (long ,fast rides) or Dave Cope (shorter , slower rides)

The format of club runs is based on everyone getting to the café whatever standard you are! So come along and have a go!
Please Note: We are always looking for new places to go so if you know anywhere of interest, so please contact John or Dave with any suggestions.

Wednesday Wrinklies Rides

The weekly Wrinklies ride starts from Hatchmere at 10am on Wednesdays.
Routes are not preplanned but decided on the day depending on the wind direction(!)

The runs aren’t exclusively for those of a certain age! If you are free on a Wednesday – come along!


Off-Road Rides

We have an enthusiastic off road biking fraternity at the club!

Off road on trails you never knew were there in Delamere Forest, across the country on popular trails like Llandegla, or out in the wilds in the Howgill Fells.

Please see the calendar, Facebook or the Off-road WhatsApp group for further details.

If you fancy having a go at navigating a club run, or organising a club event, please step up! Its not a hard task and the advantage of being the navigator is that you get to decide where you are going and the speed of the run (with due consideration to the riders with you of course)!!