Club Cycling Kit

We are instantly recognisable in our club kit!

We have two providers of club clothing, Provision and NoPinz. The reason for this is that brands make clothing to different price points in slightly different styles & materials, so this way everyone can get what they need and suit. Size guides for both suppliers, (and our previous suppliers Giordana and Bioracer, for comparison) can be found here.

We do not make any profit from our kit, and only charge what it costs us, including covering delivery.


  • Cheaper supplier of the two
  • Kit is ordered twice per year, once in February (usually for summer kit) and once in July (usually for winter), however you can order any item in either order. The order lead time is ~6 weeks
  • Place your order by contacting club clothing organiser Kev Davies (details at the bottom of the page) and pay via bank transfer. Kit is delivered to and collected from Kev.
  • Kit updates will be posted on Facebook, including reminders to order

Provision item, price list and size guide can be found here.


  • Have a full kit list and also specialise in aerodynamic race kit
  • Kit is ordered and paid for on an individual basis from (Please select the correct club shop for the design you’re shopping for.)
    Contact Kev Davies for the NoPinz club site password – it is the same for BOTH club shops.
  • Kit lead time is usually ~30-40 days, but is stated on the website
  • Please read item descriptions carefully. For example, sub zero kit is designed for indoor training only (hence the black panelling on it). Also as NoPinz offer complex aerodynamic designs, please note the panelling can change the design slightly.

Some kit is kept as stock, including from our old suppliers. Please contact Kev if you need something quickly and are wondering what stock there is. Some Provision and NoPinz stock is also held so you can test sizing before ordering…please ask.

Two designs!

As well as two kit suppliers, we also have two kit designs, known as ‘Weaver Valley Classic’ and ‘Weaver Valley Sun Stripe’. The classic design was added to our official club clothing in Winter 2022.

Classic (left) and sun stripe (right) design. Kit colour is the same regardless of design selection.

Notes on our two designs…

  • Our official racing kit is the Classic design, so for races with a registered kit design (think British Cycling) you will need the right jersey
  • Both kit designs are available from both suppliers. For NoPinz, just select the correct shop icon when browsing the club shops. For Provision, be clear when ordering with Kev which you’d like.
  • **This is not just a different LS / SS jersey.** We have a full kit collection for each and our shorts, tights, gilets, skinsuits etc. also differ for each kit. For example, classic has black shorts with yellow bands, sun stripe has blue shorts with yellow bands, so please specify your kit design when ordering other Provision items, not just jerseys. Below shows a SS skinsuit in each design so you can see the full look.

Kit Care

Take proper care of your kit and it will last well!

  • Wash clothing on a low spin at 30 degrees
  • Use a sports wash or bio detergent (Emily personally recommends Halo sports wash)
  • Do not use fabric conditioner, it breaks down clothing fibres and coats them in a substance which limits absorbency
  • Do not wash with items which have Velcro on, as it can stick and pull fibres. If you must mix them, ensure Velcro is fully fastened first
  • Make sure all zips are done up

Our club clothing organiser is Kev Davies and he can be contacted for more information at, Facebook messenger or (preferably) on WhatsApp.