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UCLAN 27th May 2021

Matt, Jeff and me all rode at UCLAN tonight, a first time for Jeff and I. It was the best evening of the year from a weather point of view; warm and with a gentle breeze. Matt and Jeff were in the Big Boy race and I was in the Old Man race so I […]

Pimbo 23rd May 2021

Matt and I rode the 2,3,4 Return to Racing BC event today at Pimbo, 16 laps of a fairly flat circuit around an industrial estate totalling about 35 miles. There was a full field of 60, the majority of which were young enough to be my children. The circuit is a real power course. The […]

Salt Ayre 11th May 2021

Matt and I raced at Salt Ayre on Tuesday night, it was mild and the rain stayed off although the circuit was a bit damp so we couldn’t go flat out around the bends. It is a short, flat circuit and surrounded by trees so there was not a lot of wind either. A full […]

Steady schlep to sleepy Sleap

In an effort to pretend that life is still normal, a small, disparate group of us have taken to convening on a Sunday morning for a long non clubrun club run. Last weekend was officially classed as, ‘hilly’ and so it seemed only fair that this weekend should be in the, ‘flat’ category. During the […]

Loggerheads 5th January 2020. I did i...

So, my comeback that refuses to comeback continues…. On Friday I had a prawn sandwich for lunch from a little cafe in north Manchester and a short while later started to feel rough. I got really sweaty, went home, went to bed and later on Friday evening was sick. I then didn’t eat till Saturday […]

Manchester Regional Track League 22nd...

Since last Friday I have really piled in the training (not), a club run, a gym session, some efforts on the turbo and some core work. Sensibly (unusual for me) I am getting back in to it slowly so as not to do myself in. In any case some work has been done and so […]

Manchester Regional Track League 15th...

Some people would say that racing on no training and with less than zero percent fitness is a silly thing to do. I would entirely agree with them but my reasoning on taking the plunge so soon is that I really enjoy the track league, it gives me a good focus over the winter and […]

Tittesworth with some friends

Unfortunately I do not have the time this week for a proper report on the long run… Very briefly, the run heading to Tittesworth, I ignored the advice to avoid Congleton and then Gun Hill as both were supposed to have blockages. Instead I thought we should take the ‘suck it and see’ approach. Paddy […]

The great bacon adventure of 2018

Edmund Hillary, Ferdinand Magellan, Scott, Shackleton, all great adventurers, all lovers of a bacon sandwich. Add Keen to that list. For today’s inspirational, Boy’s Own style adventure was lead by none other than the great fool himself. It must be said that it was entirely by default as no one else wanted to be lumbered […]

A wet and windy Augember day

If this had been a November weekend it would have been viewed as mild but a bit wet. With it being an August day however I am sure the weather was perceived as a lot worse than it actually was. Does that make sense? In fact it was rainy. And windy. Rainy and windy, a […]

Lies, lies, lies and more lies

My Mum, bless her, has bad osteoporosis, she is shrinking by the day and has been doing so for years and years. Nearly 4 years ago my elder sister insisted that, as Mum’s condition was not good, we should all get tested while we were still young enough to give the professionals time to sort […]

Prees. (Never trust a man with a load...

Those of you that have had the misfortune to read any of my previous meandering missives will be aware that I have harped on in the past about club runs staying together and everyone looking after each other. So it is that I apologise unreservedly to the poor soul that we dropped on Norley Hill. […]

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

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WVCC Club 10 TT – Guardian Cup R...
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