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By Sam Taylor

The final round of the popular Wednesday night races tonight with Lloyd Smith, Jeff Wood and myself in the first race and John Keen in the second.

I’ve had mixed luck so far in the series with a fourth and a last after getting caught in a crash on the last bend so was hoping to make some better luck tonight…

The race started fast into a strong cross headwind up the main road drag with a break in the bunch almost immediately with Jeff making the move across. The bunch came back together just before the roundabout with Matt from Fibrax Wrexham attacking immediately and getting a gap onto the fast tailwind dual carriage way. Despite it being very early in the race I thought with a fast tailwind section this could be a good move so sprinted to get over to him. A big effort made and a gap behind so we started working well together, getting a reasonable gap. I knew we both had teammates in the bunch and we both committed to the move, staying away for the whole race. On the last lap Matt attacked on the drag to the roundabout and unfortunately I was unable to live with it so road to the finish to take second. A decent nights riding and super riding from Jeff and Lloyd covering moves in the main bunch!