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The WVCC was formed in 1962 when a young John Horsfield, an apprentice of ICI, was awarded the company’s ‘Fleck Award’ for his interest in cycling. At this time it was recognised that Northwich was without a local cycling club and the suggestion was put forward to start one. Two hard line local cyclists were contacted, Jack Gee and Allan Littlemore and with that cocktail of youth, experience and enthusiasm the seed was planted for the Weaver Valley Cycling club to grow – and its continued to grow ever since.

We are now a good all round club and cater for mountain bikes, cyclo-cross, track racing, road racing, time trials and club runs, with aspects for the competitive and leisure rider alike.

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David MaddockDavid Maddock

Can anyone help please. I'm looking to join a cycle club. Have recently got into road cycling and enjoy it very much. Want to possibly start taking part in events too. I do an average of 25-30 miles per ride 3-4 times per week. Can anyone suggest any ideas please. Thanks in advance. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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if anyone needs any kit,i can bring it along to the Chesgire Classic, just let me know what you need beforehand please ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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We organize an (almost) weekly 10 mile time trial event through the spring/summer, two Audax UK events, an open hill climb, club track sessions, a number of road races and an annual cyclo-cross. Weekly rides leave from Hartford Social Club Car Park on a Sunday morning (see map below), the “Wrinklies” ride starts from Hatchmere at 10am on Wednesdays and regular mountain bike rides are also run. We run a training weekend which takes place each year into and through Wales and a week in Majorca for training (or sunbathing!) also takes place. We also have a weekly club night on a Monday Evening in the Hartford British Legion (same place as the start for the Sunday runs) to recuperate after a long weekend riding where provisional new members are welcome to turn up and say hello. We also conduct non-cycling events from time to time, walks, bbq’s etc. And of course there is the annual awards ceremony – a chance to loose the lycra and dress like normal people!

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club able to cater for all levels of cyclist. We have a whole spectrum of riders, from top class athletes competing at the World Track Championships at the Manchester Velodrome, right through to the leisure cyclist out for a Sunday afternoon potter through the lanes of Cheshire, to the enthusiastic mountain biker risking life limb and sanity on the single track.
Shaved legs or not, welcome to the club!

See the map below, to help you find us!

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