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David Cope introduction

David Cope introduction

Hello all, For those of you that don’t know me by name and/or face I thought I’d post a brief introduction about myself as I take on the Club Secretary role effective from November 1st 2022 . One of the first things I discovered about cycling is that it’s difficult to recognise anyone if you’ve […]

Llanberis 2021

Llanberis 2021.. GOOD NEWS.. a weekend break 24/25th of September is now on. The BAD NEWS is that you need to stump up the cash in the next few days [before I confirm booking and numbers with the Hotel] At this late stage, only bank transfers will be accepted. The money is refundable until I […]

Llanberis 2021

Victoria Hotel, Llanberis

Hi all, I am trying to gauge interest for an end of year social weekend. I have provisionally reserved a 2 night stay [minimum] at the Royal Victoria Hotel in Llanberis 24/25 Sept, all rooms are twin bedded and the cost would be about £130 PP for the 2 nights assuming two people sharing. For […]

Club Runs

Following the announcement from the Government regarding the relaxation of some of the rules and measures that we’ve been subject to, I want to outline the approach to the next significant phase of easing. So, to start, we aim to formally start group rides as normal from Wednesday 19th May. We must still be responsible […]

New routes on the horizon…

Bit of a micro-blog, but relevant nevertheless. Yesterday, the 26th February 2021, the Silver Jubilee Bridge in Runcorn re-opened after 3 years. Why is this news and being posted on our web site? Simple. It is the first bridge locally that I know of that now has a dedicated and separated cycle roadway. That’s right. […]

COVID-19 Update. What you can and can’t

Given that we are now in a second lockdown, and our movements are now greatly restricted, please now ensure that you obey what is in fact law, and keep yourselves and your families safe. British Cycling has provided some guidance in line with the new national restrictions. I fully expect all club members to abide […]

COVID-19 Restrictions 5th Nov. to 3rd De...

As you all know, we’re going into another phase of lockdown from midnight tonight (see,Y79J,RB5PJ,49CJA,1) This obviously means, that as a club, we will continue to refrain from any club activities. You can still get out on your bike though, but please stick to the rules (also relevant to non club members and visitors to […]