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10 o'clock - in the morning - our winter start time!

Winter is coming… as someone once said in a HBO TV series… and it is, this Sunday.

It’s that time of year again – so don’t forget this Sunday morning now will you?

At 02:00 on the 30th October (early Sunday morning when you are fast asleep), the clocks will go back an hour!

This is probably fine if you use a smart phone or computer as they’ll probably set themselves. Best to check though! You really don’t want to turn up an hour – or even an hour and a half early this Sunday and wonder where everyone is!

So, three things now to remember for this Sunday:

  • Clocks go back 1 hour
  • We meet on a Sunday at 10:00 for the winter
  • Make sure you have your full-length mudguards on!