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Following the announcement from the Government regarding the relaxation of some of the rules and measures that we’ve been subject to, I want to outline the approach to the next significant phase of easing.

So, to start, we aim to formally start group rides as normal from Wednesday 19th May.

We must still be responsible and cautious, so must still follow some rules. I’ll outline these below. They are not onerous, just sensible, and aim to keep us all protected as we transition from one phase to another. We should remember that we aren’t all vaccinated, and newer variants of COVID-19 are still present in the population.

Organised rides (Wednesday rides, Sunday rides)

  • Wednesday rides may commence from Wednesday 19th May 2021.
  • Our Sunday rides may commence from Sunday 23rd May 2021.

With these rides, there are rules that we must all follow as a club. They are as below.

Due to current restrictions and to ensure that no disruption occurs:

  • Meet near to the bike racks at WPRFC so as not to block the main entrance to the club. Other rugby club based activities will be taking place other than our rides.
  • Space yourselves 2m apart
  • Keep out of the way of traffic and other groups

Before the ride:

  • Riders must take personal responsibility for themselves, to know where they are going and how to return home in the event of being separated from the group.
  • All participants in a ride must agree, and ensure that, they are able to fix their own mechanical problems and be self-sufficient in fixing issues and/or recovery in the event of stranding for any reason. No grouping together to help fix punctures or mechanicals, or giving lifts to people.
  • When meeting pre-ride, keep social distancing measures to 2 metres.
  • Rides and destinations will soon begin to be posted on the web site and Facebook.
  • Riders must not attend a ride if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, have had a positive test for COVID-19 – with or without symptoms – or are awaiting a COVID-19 test.
  • Riders must at least bring a mask with them and ideally their own hand sanitiser (small bottles are available to buy from most shops that fit easily into a jersey pocket). This is to ensure that you are prepared for stops and at times when you come into contact with others – refreshment stops, cafe’s etc
  • A navigator of a ride must hold a British Cycling Ride membership or Cycling UK membership.
  • Navigators should aim to keep groups of around 15 riders or less for two good reasons:
    • Safety on the road. A group is more manageable with 15 or fewer riders. We are allowed to ride in groups of up to 30, but no-one wants to be in a group that big.
    • Reduction of risk in minimising contact between too many people.
  • Routes should still be carefully planned to avoid hotspots, and to avoid areas where social distancing may be a challenge  – busy narrow roads are an example. Routes should be planned in advance, and made clear to all participants (also see 2 above, in respect of self-sufficiency, for finding their way home if necessary).
  • If considering navigating a ride, you should plan ahead, so that you can ensure that you get to a destination that has the facilities for your group.
  • There must be a navigator – to ensure that someone captures names and details for test and trace purposes.
  • Test and trace. All rider details must be captured – Name, address, phone number, email if they have one. Anyone refusing to give details, should not ride in the organised ride, as this affects the ability for the club to trace riders who come into contact with those who have subsequently tested positive. The ride navigator must retain this information. For good practice, the details should be passed on to the Club Runs Captain or Club Secretary, so that action can be taken in the event of positive tests and potential spreading of the virus. This applies to members and visitors alike. For visitors, their information will only be kept for test and trace purposes for a period of 2 weeks.
  • It should be clear and agreed by all participants that they agree to these measures, and to all government guidelines. If a rider disagrees with any of the above, then said rider can choose to ride alone.

During the ride:

  • Riders must not share bottles or food.
  • Riders must exercise good hygiene during the ride, and cough or sneeze into a crooked elbow or tissue. No blowing out of the nose into open air or spitting during a ride.
  • Riders must maintain more than one-metre of distance between themselves and the next rider. Where this is not possible, take action to ensure a safe distance can be maintained (i.e. single-out where required)
  • Where riding 2 abreast in a group, riders should ride with the same person and not swap positions alongside another rider.
  • You may stop for refreshments. Be aware that cafes will start to get busy, and demand may be high. It may be advisable to carry your own refreshments and stop at quiet areas. Be respectful, use your mask, sanitise your hands, and keep social distancing in place.

The reason for the above is to ensure that we protect ourselves and respect our club mates and members of the public that we come into contact with.

Please comply with them, no matter what your personal view may be.

This way, we can remain cautious as we all gradually get our vaccinations, and look forward to June and beyond.

Thanks for your co-operation.

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

Upcoming Events

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Club Meeting Times

Sunday runs:

09:30 - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club - see calendar for updated start times (Most runs 10:00 during the winter months)

Tuesday evening (informal - usually a small gathering!)

20:00 onwards - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club

Wednesday runs:

10:00 - Hatchmere

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