After 4 rounds things are starting to settle down, and with 10 rounds still to go, there is still time to start your campaign and snatch victory, remember the Guardian Cup [handicap] and the Scratch cup are won by the best 5 counting rounds, the Road Bike Challenge is a cumulative total.

Stretching out an early lead in the G/Cup is Dave Cope, a clear 13 points ahead of Stu Ward with Alex Chaffey-Green in 3rd

Stu Ward still leads the Scratch cup from Craig Lee with Alex Chaffey-Green in 3rd place but it’s close.

The Road Bike Challenge has a new leader in Richard Morgan from Dave Cope with Andy Milligan and Dave Cope in equal 3rd, just 15 points separate the top 5.

Round 4 results as below:

PosRiderActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Scratch Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Road Bike Challenge (cumulative total)
1M Heath21:5922:1421:59151925no points
2J Wood22:4122:5922:41182024no points
3L Smith23:4924:0323:49141823no points
4C Lee24:1624:0324:03-131522no points
5S Ward24:3523:5723:57-381321no points
6A Chaffey-Green24:4924:5324:4941620no points
7++K Davies25:0825:5025:0842241925
8++S Roberts25:2026:0525:2045251824
9S Marlow25:5425:3825:38-161417no points
10++R Morgan26:3126:4126:3110171623
11++A Mallagh26:52na26:52benchmarkno pointsno points1522
12++P Shaw27:0627:4427:0638221421
13++D Cope27:1427:5327:1439231320
14C Hitchenson27:1625:2925:29-1071012no points
15++N Buttterworth27:2025:4125:41-99111119
16++D Morgan27:4428:2227:4438211018
17++G Lovelady30:0828:4628:46-8212917

Note: * after name – Not 1st Claim – doesn’t count for points series

Note: ++ – Road bike [no disc, wheels 65mm deep or less, no helmet covering ears]

Road Bike Running Total

PlaceNameTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th May
1Richard Morgan8521212023
2David Cope7820191920
3Andy Milligan712524220
4Kevin Davies710222425
5Graham Veal702423230
6Alex Chaffey - Green692325210
7Geoff Lovelady6816181717
8Paul Shaw581901821
9Shaun Roberts46220024
10Deborah Morgan36180018
11Matt Heath2500250
12Andrew Mallagh2200022
13Jack Fearon2002000
14Nick Butterworth1900019
15Neil Houghton1717000

Scratch Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th May
1Stu Ward919123252221
2Craig Lee888821242122
3Alex Chaffey - Green797919231720
4Richard Morgan666616181616
5Carl Hitchenson646417201512
6Andy Milligan62622222180
7Graham Veal60602021190
8David Cope585815161413
9Kevin Davies58580192019
10Jeff Wood4949002524
11M att Heath4949002425
12Geoff Lovelady47471115129
13Lloyd Smith4646002323
14Paul Shaw41411401314
15Shaun Roberts3636180018
16Sam Taylor252525000
17Emily Martin242424000
18Deborah Morgan2323130010
19Jack Fearon171701700
20Steve Marlow171700017
21Andrew Mallagh151500015
22Neil Houghton121212000
23Nick Butterworth111100011

Guardian Cup Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th May
1David Cope939323232423
2Stu Ward808025222013
3Alex Chaffey - Green747420241416
4Kevin Davies74740252524
5Craig Lee717117201915
6Paul Shaw68682402222
7Richard Morgan6161benchmark212317
8Carl Hitchenson595916171610
9Geoff Lovelady565615161312
10Graham Veal54541818180
11Jeff Wood4141002120
12Matt Heath3636001719
13Andy Milligan3535benchmark20150
14Shaun Roberts2525benchmark0025
15Emily Martin222222000
16Sam Taylor212121000
17Deborah Morgan2121benchmark0021
18Neil Houghton191919000
19Lloyd Smith181800benchmark18
20Steve Marlow141400014
21Nick Butterworth111100011
22Jack Fearon000benchmark00
23Andrew Mallagh00000benchmark