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It’s tight at the top after R5, Sam Taylor was quickest this week, despite not feeling on his best form after recovering from Covid19. Nigel Woods took top honours in this round of the Guardian Cup.

Stu Ward still leads the Scratch overall, Dave Cope leads both the GC and the RB series, but it’s tight in RB Challenge with only 2 points separating the top 3.

Just a reminder that you need to take care when reaching a junction, especially the A50,  where you go from a B road to an A road. Ensure it is safe to proceed and don’t be tempted to shave a second or two by making an unsafe and illegal manoeuvre.. 

You also need to have a FRONT and REAR light [flashing or constant] and it needs to be bright and switched on.

Round 5 results as below:

PosRiderActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Scratch Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Road Bike Challenge (cumulative total)
1S Taylor21:4121:1521:15-681425no points
2E Martin23:1422:5922:59-221924no points
3L Smith24:0222:4122:41-92123no points
4S Ward24:4700:2300:23-501622no points
5A Chaffey-Green24:5624:4924:49-72221no points
6D Fearon25:11n/a25:11benchmarkno points20no points
7++K Davies25:1325:5025:1337241925
8G Comerford*25:26n/a/n/an/ano pointsno pointsno points
9++A Milligan25:2924:4924:49-40171824
10++J Keen26:12n/a26:12benchmarkno points1723
11++P Shaw27:2527:06
12S Marlow27:5125:2925:29-1421115no points
13++C Thompson27:5726:4126:41-76131421
14++N Woods28:0528:5928:0554251320
15++D Cope28:0827:1427:14-54151219
16++D Morgan28:0928:2228:0913231118
17++N Houghton30:3029:5329:53-37181017
18++G Lovelady31:0728:4628:46-14112916

Note: * after name – Not 1st Claim – doesn’t count for points series

Note: ++ – Road bike [no disc, wheels 65mm deep or less, no helmet covering ears]

*** Due to a couple of anomalies, all of this weeks running totals will updated under Round 6 results ***