Claire – Womens Club Champion 2022 (27:11)

A night, mid July back in 22,  warm and sunny and heavy roads, chippings and light winds.. what’s not to like.

Congratulations to Claire Thompson [27:11] and Sam Taylor [21:30] who were winners of the Championship 10 in the Women’s and Men’s categories.

2nd Female was Deborah Morgan [27:25], 2nd Male Matt Heath [22:07] 3rd Male Jeff Wood [23:02].

There were 7 riders that improved their personal best times and leaping into 3rd place of the Guardian Cup is Deborah Morgan, who only missed the club championship by 14 seconds.

Club Champs & Guardian Cup Counter results as below:

PosRiderActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Scratch Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Road Bike Challenge (cumulative total)
1Sam Taylor21:3021:1521:15-151625no points
2Matt Heath22:0722:4522:07382424no points
3Jeff Wood23:0222:3522:35-27122325
4Lloyd Smith23:2223:4923:22272322no points
5Craig Lee24:0224:0324:0211921no points
6Alex Chaffey-Green24:2024:3524:20152020no points
7Carl Hitchenson24:3625:0124:36252219no points
8++Kevin Davies24:4924:4924:490181824
9++Graham Veal25:1424:5624:56-18141723
10Adrian Trott*25:30nananananana
11++Richard Morgan25:5925:5825:58-1171622
12Claire Thompson27:1126:4126:41-301115no points
13++David Cope27:1526:5926:59-16151421
14++Deborah Morgan27:2527:4427:2519211320
15++Pete Betterley*27:40nananananana
16++Geoff Lovelady29:0528:4628:46-19131219
17++Alan Silver32:4633:3132:4645251117
2 upMark Astles/Mark Hassell*23:28

Note: * after name – Not 1st Claim – doesn’t count for points series

Note: ++ – Road bike [no disc, wheels 65mm deep or less, no helmet covering ears]

Road Bike Running Total

PlaceNameTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th JuneRound 7 15th JuneRound 8 22nd JuneRound 9 29th JuneRound 10 6th JulyClub Champs 13 July
1Kevin Davies21902224252525250252424
2Richard Morgan19621212023023210232222
3David Cope18120191920202220002021
4Geoff Lovelady16116181717172018001919
5Andy Milligan14325242202424240000
6Deborah Morgan11518001819019002120
7Graham Veal93242323000000023
8Shaun Roberts92220024002300230
9Paul Shaw80190182122000000
10Neil Houghton74170001821000180
11Alex Chaffey - Green6923252100000000
12Jef Wood500000000002525
13Nigel Woods450000210002400
14Andrew Mallagh440002200220000
15Nikki Morley350000018170000
16Alan Silver340000000001717
17Matt Heath25002500000000
18John Keen23000023000000
19Jack Fearon20020000000000
20=Nick Butterworth19000190000000
20=Mike Dyson19000001900000

Scratch Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th JuneRound 7 15th JuneRound 8 22nd JuneRound 9 29th JuneRound 10 6th JulyClub Champs 13th July
1Sam Taylor1251502500025250-252525
2Jeff Wood12216800252402425-242323
3Stu Ward11415723252221222222-000
4Lloyd Smith11213300232323021-02122
5Craig Lee1111922124212202119-232021
6Alex Chaffey - Green1061801923172021190-221920
7Kevin Davies991730192019192020-201818
8Andy Milligan981152222180181817-000
9Carl Hitchenson95139172015120018-211719
10Emily Martin93932400024230-0220
11Richard Morgan821261618161601613-01516
12Graham Veal77772021190000-0017
13Steve Marlow767600017151512-1700
14David Cope7412316161413121411-01314
15Matt Heath7373002425000-0024
16Deborah Morgan717113001011010-01413
17Shaun Roberts68681800180016-0160
18Geoff Lovelady6611611151299129-151212
19Paul Shaw575714013141600-000
20Geoff Mullett484800000024-0240
21Neil Houghton46461200010130-0110
22Claire Thompson454500001400-16015
23Nigel Woods313100001300-1800
24Dave Walker232300000023-000
25Alan Silver21210000000-01011
26Dave Fearon202000002000-000
27Nikki Morley181800000108-000
28=Jack Fearon171701700000-000
28=John Keen171700001700-000
28=Colin Carthy1750000001714-1900
31Andrew Mallagh1530000150015-000
32=Nick Butterworth111100011000-000
32=Mike Dyson111100000110-000

Guardian Cup Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points Cumulative16Round 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th JuneRound 7 15th JuneRound 8 22nd JuneRound 9 29th JuneRound 10 6th JulyC/Champs 13th July
1Kevin Davies1222020252524242423-201918
2Alex Chaffey - Green1171872024141622220-242520
3Deborah Morgan109109benchmark002323021-02121
4David Cope10816923232321141818-01415
5=Stu Ward10713525222013152020-000
5=Carl Hitchenson107149161716100022-232322
7Richard Morgan104137benchmark21241702319-01617
8Lloyd Smith999900benchmark1821014-02323
9Craig Lee981561720191501511-221819
10Jeff Wood9612500212001717-211712
11Sam Taylor881012100013190-171516
12Paul Shaw878724022221900-000
13Andy Milligan8181benchmark20150161713-000
14Geoff Lovelady7213115161312121212-151113
15Graham Veal68681818180000-0014
16Emily Martin65652200018130-0120
17=Steve Marlow646400014101410-1600
17=Neil Houghton64641900011250-090
19Shaun Roberts6161benchmark00250016-0200
20Matt Heath6060001719000-0024
21Colin Carthy5555000002115-1900
22Nigel Woods505000002500-2500
23Claire Thompson414100001200-18011
24=Andrew Mallagh2525000benchmark0025-000
24=Alan Silver25250000000-0benchmark25
26=Nikki Morley242400000benchmark24-000
26=Geoff Mullett2424000000benchmark-0240
28Dave Fearon202000002000-000
29Nick Butterworth111100011000-000
30=Jack Fearon000benchmark00000-000
30=John Keen000000benchmark00-000
30=Mike Dyson0000000benchmark0-000
30=Dave Walker00000000benchmark-000
Sam – Mens Club Champion 2022 – (21:30)