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Kentmere loop 25 Ju...
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Kentmere loop 25 July

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Matthew organised a superb day out from Staveley, near Kendal, over the hills to Kentmere. A long climb took us to the top of the Garburn Pass which we descended carefully, as it's very rocky, to the village of Kentmere. I got the top part on video
From the village we climbed east towards Long Sleddale and then looped back to Kentmere before heading back to Wilf's famous café in Stavely - although some preferred the fare of the Hawkshead brewery next door.

When I get the other videos uploaded I'll put a link here. Thanks for organising it Matthew - perfect weather too.

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Great video Nick, somehow it makes it look much easier and flatter than it was! Descending on rubble has never been my idea of fun, give me a nice swoopy bit of grass and bracken any day! Thanks Matthew and everyone else for a very enjoyable day out.

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I thought that els, it didn't look anywhere near as bad as it was.