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Delamere Sat 4 July
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Delamere Sat 4 July

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Steve M, Paul H and me on a beautiful morning for a brisk ride round the forest. I navigated (Matthew couldn't make this one) some of the brilliant singletrack, although it all looked a bit different with so much undergrowth.
I had an exciting moment when I missed a bridge and had an abrupt stop in the brook - much to Paul's amusement. But I had the last laugh returning along the Whitegate Way when he got in a tangle between a tree and the fence (it's those wide bars), jumped back up to save face, only to clip the fence and tumble down the bank. It wasn't all bad though - he did two firsts - the "impossible" climb on the perimeter trail and the steps up to the Whitegate Way from the permissive path. Here's a video of the descent from Old Pale -