Round 1 of the 2022 WVCC “Virtual Club 10” Time Trial has now been planned on Zwift for Wednesday 5th at the usual Club 10 time of 19:00.

Invites have been sent out on Zwift for those who have requested them. You MUST accept the invite on the ZWIFT companion app to ensure you can get in to the event.

Everyone is welcome (who has a Zwift account). To be able to “enter” the event you will have to follow me on Zwift as it is the only way for me to add you to the list. Just search with WVCC and you should find me.

The rules:

1) You must set your Zwift bike to a TT bike. (you do not have to have a TT bike on your turbo, a road bike or a Wattbike works allegedly!) Selecting the TT bike prevents any drafting effects on Zwift.

2) You must be there before the start time. 19:00:01 you wont be let in as the start flag will drop at 19:00.

3) When the countdown clock hit 00:00 you’re off. 10 miles on the Tempest Fugit course used for most Zwift TT courses. The Finish line looks like the attached image

4) When you have finished the course you will see your times and the times of other finishers and then get returned to “normal” Zwift whilst everyone else is finishing.

5) Final Results to be published at the end of the event to see how well you’ve done against all comers. It’s all about beating your own time so if you’ve never tried a time trial come and have a go.

Remember to find and follow me on Zwift so I can invite you. Some of you have already had an invite.