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Club 10, Round 1 1/5/24
PosRiderActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Scratch Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Road Bike Challenge (cumulative total)
1Thomas Mitchell *20:47nananaNo PointsNo PointsNo Points
2Sam Taylor21:2720:5520:55-322125No Points
3Jeff Wood22:3723:0622:37292424No Points
4David Vincent24:2923:5623:56-332023No Points
5Andrew Mallagh25:1224:4724:47-25222225
6Nigel Woods26:0027:2226:0082252124
7Craig Lee26:2324:1024:10-1331820No Points
8Cordon Conway *27:3527:2227:22naNo PointsNo PointsNo Points
9Chris Wheeler29:5628:4728:47-69191923
10Geoff Lovelady32:0129:1129:11-170171822
* non 1st claim
– Road bike [no disc, wheels 65mm deep or less,no tri bars or clip ons, no helmet covering ears]

Please note the table is provisional as Jim wasn’t present at last Wednesdays session so needs to verify between TT and Road Bikes. It was on the 2 lap course.