WVCC Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 5 – 15th June 2016

The weather has been pretty unpredictable in terms of when the rain is going to come down, so I didn’t expect a large turnout this evening. Clearly, there are many eyes on the Cup this year, as we had a total of 25 (19 club) riders turn up to take their chances.

Fortunately, as with Oulton Park the day before, we seemed to manage to get a convenient gap between the showers.

The course was amended slightly, as the continuing works on the A50 meant that the first turn wasn’t an option, so a left into New Platts Lane was required, and a cruel extension to the finish straight to end at the far end of the motorway bridge. Still 10 miles though, so it’s all good!

Also, despite possibly a very slight headwind start, there were a few that managed to knock a few seconds off their times, and those that didn’t, generally went reasonably fast anyway. All hungry for those precious seconds. In the end, Jim was fastest on the night, although nowhere near his own PB, with a fast 25, no doubt due to very sore ribs from a recent spill. The only others going under 26 for the night were Chris Gilbertson and Knutsford Tri-Club’s John Keegan.

1Jim Williams25:17
2Chris Gilbertson25:38
3John Keegan*25:47
4Colin Carthy26:09
5Nick Butterworth26:09
6John Hassall26:28
7Jeff Fiddler*26:35
8Emily Martin26:46
9Paul Stubbs-Jeffries*26:53
10Steve Marlow26:57
11Rich Munro27:01
12Mike Watson*27:10
13Ben Jones27:33
14Dan Robson27:37
15Stephen Lucas27:52
16Mike Newman*28:05
17Patrick Lucas28:22
18Andy George28:39
19Geoff Lovelady28:52
20Dave Wilkinson29:17
21Caroline Fearon29:19
22Steve Thomas29:58
23Karl Buckley*31:45
24Rob Amson33:45
25Andy Woolley36:47

* Non members will not gain points for Guardian Cup.

In the points though, it was all switch-around, with Patrick Lucas as the major points scorer, followed by Rich Munro, Steve Marlow and Nick Butterworth all knocking chunks off their PBs.

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2015/16+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Patrick Lucas28:2229:0828:2215-Jun-20164625
2Rich Munro27:0127:3127:0115-Jun-20163024
3Steve Marlow26:5727:1526:5715-Jun-20161823
4Dave Wilkinson29:1729:3529:1715-Jun-20161823
5Nick Butterworth26:0926:1126:0915-Jun-2016221
6Geoff Lovelady28:5228:3228:3218-May-2016-2020
7Steve Thomas29:5829:3529:3501-Jul-2016-2319
8Emily Martin26:4626:1726:1718-May-2016-2918
9John Hassall26:2825:5925:5904-May-2016-2918
10Caroline Fearon29:1928:4628:4603-Jun-2015-3316
11Andy George28:3927:5527:5518-May-2016-4415
12Colin Carthy26:0925:1625:1625-Jul-2015-5314
13Ben Jones27:3326:1926:1901-Jun-2016-7413
14Chris Gilbertson25:3824:2424:2404-May-2016-7413
15Jim Williams25:1723:4523:4518-May-2016-9211
16Dan Robson27:3726:0526:0504-May-2016-9211
17Rob Amson33:4532:0032:0001-Jun-2016-1059
18Stephen Lucas27:5226:0426:0404-May-2016-1088
19Andy Woolley36:4726:0126:0118-May-2016-6467

This has caused quite a shake-up in the overall points standings, with Dave Wilkinson rocketing to the top of the table with 88, and a bit of a gap before Emily Martin’s 80 points, and Jim William’s rock-steady 78.

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 11th MayRace 2 218th MayRace 3 25th MayRace 4 1st JuneRace 5 15th June
188Dave Wilkinson429:1722232023
280Emily Martin426:1719222118
378Jim Williams523:45202118811
475Colin Carthy525:161411221414
574Geoff Lovelady528:321019141120
671Jo Blakeley325:38252323
767Andy Woolley426:012416207
865Mark Walker326:34202421
952Dan Robson426:058181511
1050Patrick Lucas228:222525
1149Rich Munro227:012524
1248John Hassall325:59141618
1248Steve Marlow326:5761923
1447Elaine Mossman329:50131717
1545Nick Butterworth226:092421
1641Ady Japp326:11111020
1740Steve Malkin326:34161212
1740Andy George327:5516915
1939Craig Lee424:18591510
2037Caroline Fearon228:462116
2135Colin Walsh225:561718
2232Neil Drummond324:5912713
2331Stu Ward224:401615
2331Rob Amson232:00229
2331Chris Gilbertson224:241813
2625Lee Suthard221:021213
2625Derek Heine131:2525
2625Jim Duffy122:5625
2923Dave Fearon123:2423
3019Steve Thomas129:3519
3118Alan Silver129:5518
3213Geoff Mullett123:3313
3213Ben Jones126:1913
349Simon Howells130:469
358Mark Dixon125:478
358Stephen Lucas126:048
377Dave Read127:197
386Matt Sayle125:236
395Anthony Booth126:075

We are now in the realms of those who have already got 5 counting rides, but don’t forget, it’s your best 5 counting rides from the season long competition that count, and there are only a few who have completed 5 rides so far, therefore plenty of room for improvements over the next half of this competition. At the end of the season, there is a maximum of 125 points that can be scored to allow you to lift the Guardian Cup!

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

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Wrinklies Ride Out
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