WVCC Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb 2016

Nice day for a hill climb. The sun was out, the wind was light, and riders gathered early, eager to sign on and get prepared for the ride. Even from the start riders, it looked to be a reasonably fast day, and there was an air of competitive spirit that saw the faster riders battle it out on the hill. One Lyme RC rider took this to heart when he suffered a mechanical close to the finish, and instead of giving up (having already caught a rider and passed him), jumped off his bike, picked it up and ran over the finish line to gain his time!!

As the numbers counted up, times came in and the faster guys were away, times started to tumble. Then they plummeted as Louis Szymanski of ABC Centreville raced over the finish line, with a 19:26 dead. Not even Lee Baldwin who came over the line with 19:46.7 could get near, nor the following riders, until of course Adam Kenway, who had said to me after he signed on that he was looked for a 19, flew across the line with a 19:12.8.

The ladies were equally impressive and even closer, with Elizabeth Banks taking the win with 24:28.4, only 3.5 seconds ahead of our own Jo Blakeley, racing for WVCC for the first time this year, (and previous cevent record holder when riding for Champion Systems Maxgear RT in 2013), and only 4.1 seconds ahead of third place rider Josephine Gilbet.

Both teams were in the 1 hour three minutes area, with Lyme RC taking the win, and Buxton CC 2nd.

One event record was broken today, by Andy Ashurst of Manchester Wheelers with a time of 20:44.1.

Our club championship hill climb competition is also integrated into this event, and we had 5 riders out on the course today. Our club hill climb champion was taken this year by Iain Young, with a superb 23:23.4.

As some riders ask if photos were taken, yes, and Kimroy Photography were out today as they usually are. Follow the link here if you are interested in perusing/purchasing event photos fro them. WVCC have no affiliation with Kimroy Photography.

Thanks to all marshals and helpers and timekeepers today. You all did an excellent job.

All results are detailed in the tables below:

Overall and mens fastest:

1Adam KenwayMatlock CCS19:12.8
2Louis SzymanskiABC CentrevilleS19:26.0
3Lee BaldwinChampion System/VCUKS19:46.7
4Matthew DaviesRhino Velo Race TeamS19:53.3
5Thomas BrazierTeam Elite/Paul Bethell ElectricalS20:02.1
6Daniel MinorLyme Racing ClubJ20:08.2
7Courtney Blockley-CamptonLutterworth Cycle Centre Racing TeamS20:14.3
8Ben NorburyCongleton CCS20:29.8
9Sam ClarkBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesS20:34.7
10Andy AshurstManchester WheelersV50+20:44.1
11Daniel StevensLiverpool Century RCS20:55.5
12Bhima BowdenBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesS21:05.4
13Andrew NewbyVeloviewerS21:19.4
14James NoonanTHR RacingJ21:26.2
15Kris BowditchLyme Racing ClubV21:38.4
16Tony CopeLeek Cyclists' ClubV21:40.6
17Paul RobinsonLyme Racing ClubV50+21:50.8
18Andy MooreLincoln Whs CCV22:00.0
19Joseph DobsonManchester Bicycle ClubS22:02.9
20Mark Horsley FrostBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesV22:19.3
21Steffan NorthWills Wheels CCV22:22.4
22Alex CoatesLyme Racing ClubJ22:25.7
23Jon WaddiloveCrewe Clarion WhsV22:29.6
24Paul TargettPendle Forest CCV50+22:38.4
25Ian HaddockWarrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering/RS CyclesportS23:01.5
26Paul RowleyManchester WheelersS23:03.2
27James RussellMacclesfield WheelersV50+23:06.2
28Simon HolmesRutland Cycling ClubV23:14.9
29Thom HughesLyme Racing ClubJ23:22.1
30Iain YoungWeaver Valley CCS23:23.4
31Jon WhitePro Vision Cycle ClothingS23:47.1
32Chris WilcoxLyme Racing ClubV50+23:47.3
33Steven HankeyWarrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering/RS CyclesportV24:01.0
34James BrayfordLyme Racing ClubS24:03.5
35Alistair FisherManchester Tri ClubS24:09.5
36Lee WoodCongleton CCV24:26.5
37Elizabeth BanksFusion RT FierlanL24:28.4
38Elliot BanksImperial College Cycling ClubS24:28.5
39Joanne BlakeleyWeaver Valley CCL24:31.9
40Josephine GilbetFooton VelosportL24:32.5
41John QuimbyCoalville WhsV60+24:41.4
42Dan RobinsonManchester WheelersS24:42.4
43Jamie EvesWarrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering/RS CyclesportS24:49.1
44David FearonWeaver Valley CCV50+24:58.2
45Chris ReynoldsLiverpool Century RCS25:00.0
46Andy GrayWills Wheels CCV25:01.4
47Jayne DickensVision Racing (Delamere Dairy/GRM Property Consultants/Swinnert)L25:09.9
48Andrew GraceCrewe Clarion WhsV60+25:16.5
49Simon HigginsLiverpool Century RCV50+25:18.7
50Stuart BakerBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesS25:26.2
51Molly Horsley FrostBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesL25:30.1
52Iona SewellVeloschils Interbike RTL26:06.4
53Ben RathboneMacclesfield WheelersS26:20.1
54Tom LeeseStone Wheelers CCS26:34.0
55Graham Keith HillSouth Pennine RCV50+26:41.6
56Samuel HallLyme Racing ClubJ26:58.7
57Paul LawsonWeaver Valley CCV27:08.2
58Mark BaskervilleLyme Racing ClubS27:14.9
59Amanda YoungLyme Racing ClubL27:46.8
60Kate GiddingsLiverpool Century RCL27:58.2
61Holly CarterManchester WheelersL28:14.8
62Colin CarthyWeaver Valley CCV50+28:18.7
63Richard BowditchLyme Racing ClubV60+28:26.3
64Dean HughesLyme Racing ClubV28:33.3
65David PrinceCrewe Clarion WhsV60+28:45.2
66Darren HughesLyme Racing ClubV29:42.2
67Tony PerrinStone Wheelers CCV50+29:57.1
68Andy ChalmersLeigh Premier Road ClubV50+30:10.5
69Patricia StaceyLyme Racing ClubL30:42.9
70David SteeleLyme Racing ClubV60+32:00.9
71Sarah SodenLeicester Forest CCL32:07.0
72David CartlidgeLyme Racing ClubV60+32:21.3
73Lynne SkellernMacclesfield WheelersL32:46.8
74John BudzikLyme Racing ClubV60+34:08.7
75Paul JenningsLyme Racing ClubV60+34:44.1
Phil BrookeWills Wheels CCVDNF
Gabriella NordinStarley RacingLDNS
Simon WatsonBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesVDNS
Steven HazeldineStone Wheelers CCV50+DNS
Nicola SodenVeloschils Interbike RTLDNS
Neil OliverLyme Racing ClubVDNS
Toby WilliamsLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)SDNS
Jon WoodCoventry CCV50+DNS
Mark TickleLeigh Premier Road ClubSDNS
Stephen HallLyme Racing ClubV50+DNS
Michael BaskervilleLyme Racing ClubSDNS Apol.
Andy BanksBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesV60+DNS Apol.
Nick DickensStafford RCVDNS Apol.
James BlackImperial College Cycling ClubSDNS Apol.
Chris McNaughtonOVBSDNS Apol.

Vets 40 – 49

178Kris BowditchLyme Racing Club21:38.4
22Tony CopeLeek Cyclists' Club21:40.6
354Andy MooreLincoln Whs CC22:00.0

Vets 50 – 59

174Andy AshurstManchester Wheelers20:44.1
289Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club21:50.8
369Paul TargettPendle Forest CC22:38.4

Vets 60+

121John QuimbyCoalville Whs24:41.4
256Andrew GraceCrewe Clarion Whs25:16.5
346Richard BowditchLyme Racing Club28:26.3


151Elizabeth BanksFusion RT Fierlan24:28.4
259Joanne BlakeleyWeaver Valley CC24:31.9
322Josephine GilbetFooton Velosport24:32.5


148Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club20:08.2
238James NoonanTHR Racing21:26.2
366Alex CoatesLyme Racing Club22:25.7


148Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club01:03:37.4
78Kris Bowditch
89Paul Robinson
280Sam ClarkBuxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles01:03:59.4
83Bhima Bowden
9Mark Horsley Frost

WVCC Hill Climb Championship

1Iain Young0:23:23
2Joanne Blakeley0:24:32
3David Fearon0:24:58
4Paul Lawson0:27:08
5Colin Carthy0:28:19

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

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