Withington Wheelers 25 mile time trial – 07/04/2012

Open Event

1 Simon Bridge Manchester Wheelers 53.29
2 Joel Wainman Team Swift 54.01
3 Steve Burke Macclesfield Wheelers 56.14
1 ConnorFearon Weaver Valley CC 1:10:12

Withing Wheelers 25 - 07/04/2012

PosRiderClubTimeAverage Speed (mph)
1Simon BridgeManchester Wheelers00:53:2928.046
2Joel WainmanTeam Swift00:54:0127.769
3Steve BurkeMacclesfield Wheelers00:56:1426.675
4Mostyn BullockBuxton CC00:57:0026.316
5Paul Shallickercoveryourcar.co.uk00:57:1426.209
6Doug ForresterMatlock CC00:57:3826.027
7Adrian HumpageLyme RC00:57:5225.922
8Tommy MurphyLiverpool Century00:58:1425.758
9Gary TyePreston CC00:58:2225.7
10Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier00:58:2625.67
11Dave FearonWeaver Valley00:58:2925.648
11Michael StretchMacclesfield Wheelers00:58:2925.648
13Martin WigganSeamons CC00:58:3325.619
14Thomas ThornelyBuxton CC00:58:5325.474
15Richard HeyHolme Valley Wheelers00:59:3025.21
16Brian CamfieldStone Wheelers00:59:3325.189
17Andrew TubbWills Wheels00:59:4325.119
18Darren ToppingWarrington RC00:59:5225.056
19Charles CarrazSeamons CC01:00:1624.889
20Ben HallworthIlkley Cycling Club01:00:1924.869
21Phil RobinsonJanus RC01:00:2424.834
22Craig MorganVC St Raphael01:00:2824.807
23Steve HargreavesWarrington RC01:00:3024.793
24Rory Daviescoveryourcar.co.uk01:00:3424.766
25John SwinnertonKidsgrove Wheelers01:00:4424.698
26Matt ShillabeerAshurst Bike Club01:00:4724.678
27Ian WoodcockWigan Wheelers01:00:5224.644
28Phillip BracegirdleWarrington RC01:01:0824.537
29Andrew MitchellJanus RC01:01:1524.49
30Neil O’BrienManchester Tri Club01:01:3524.357
31Tony BoardmanTeam Swift01:01:3924.331
32Alistair StanwayWeaver Valley01:01:4524.291
33Mat StephensonLincsquad01:01:5424.233
34Mike O’SheaRossendale RC01:02:1524.096
35Daniel SnapeSeamons CC01:02:2024.064
36Nigel HarropSeamons CC01:02:3723.955
37Ian ClarkAbbotsford Park01:02:4223.923
38Martyn BowersStone Wheelers01:02:4723.892
39Chris GreenAshurst Bike Club01:02:5523.841
40Ian MiddletonWestmead Team 8801:02:5623.835
41Simon BillsGS Strada01:03:1023.747
42Mark PimlottIlkley CC01:03:3523.591
43Simon CorbettBuxton CC01:03:3623.585
44Barry PrestonWest Pennine RC01:03:4523.529
45Eliot PowellLyme RC01:04:0823.389
46Simon BainesBuxton CC01:04:2423.292
47Anthony GummersallWheel Guru01:04:3523.226
48Paul BrierleyHuddersfield RC01:04:4323.178
49Mark LivingstonAshurst Bike Club01:05:1522.989
50Nick AllenRochdale Triathlon01:05:1622.983
51Karen PopplewellSeamons CC01:05:1822.971
52Martin KayRochdale Triathlon01:05:2522.93
53Jack FearonWeaver Valley01:05:3322.883
54Mike WilsonWarrington RC01:05:4022.843
55Neil OliverLyme RC01:05:4022.843
56Denis ThompsonWest Pennine RC01:05:5222.773
57Chris GilbertsonWeaver Valley01:05:5822.739
58Simon WilliamsManchester Wheelers01:06:0222.716
59Steve LyonsWheel Guru01:06:2722.573
59Adrian JappWeaver Valley01:06:2722.573
61Jonathan BeeverWestmead Team 8801:06:3522.528
62Richard MunroWeaver Valley01:06:3922.506
63Jonathan MercerAshurst Bike Club01:07:1022.333
64Mike ColeHuddersfield RC01:07:3422.2
65Jan ShearsmithManchester Wheelers01:07:3922.173
66Andrew WaughTeam Elite01:07:5122.108
67Howard MeadManchester Tri Club01:07:5922.064
68Paul KayAshurst Bike Club01:08:1122
69Ian RothwellWheel Guru01:08:3621.866
70D & A PhillipsonWithington Wheelers01:09:1521.661
71Julie HarrisonAshurst Bike Club01:09:1921.64
72Phillip MaffeiGlossop Kinder Velo01:09:3621.552
73Connor FearonWeaver Valley01:10:1221.368
74Christine RobertsCrewe Clarion01:11:1421.058
75Paul CaneWheel Guru01:11:1821.038
76Sally CowanSeamons CC01:11:1921.033
77Jonathan BainesBuxton CC01:11:2321.013
78Brian PowellLyme RC01:12:0320.819
79Peter HayhurstCongleton CC01:13:5220.307
80Ian HowarthWheel Guru01:14:1920.184
81Gary BirchAshurst Bike Club01:14:4820.053
82Clive ReadingKnutsford Tri Club01:15:3019.868
83Sean StaffordWheel Guru01:15:3719.837
84Jeanette BarberSeamons CC01:15:4419.806
85Sean OfsarnieWheel Guru01:17:3919.317
86Mario MaffeiGlossop Kinder Velo01:18:0019.231
87Vic TriggerCrewe Clarion01:18:0119.227
89Bart McHugh01:27:1517.192
90Derek IrelandAshurst Bike Club01:30:5916 mins late start
1001Ali DeykinLincsquadDNF
1002John HatfieldRavensthorpe CCDNS
1003Richard CarySouthport CCDNS
1004Andy WhiteheadSeamons CCDNS
1005Caroline FearonWeaver ValleyDNS
1006Barry RimmerWigan WheelersDNS
1007Andy SmithWest Pennine RCDNS
1008Tony PerrinStone WheelersDNS
1009Daniel MathersSeamons CCDNS
1010Emily HughesManchester WheelersDNS
1011Craig NicholsonWestmead Team 88DNS
1012Nick ShaughnessyPatronDNS
1013William KeelingKnutsford Tri ClubDNS
1014Simon MortonManchester WheelersDNS
1015Mark BaxandallWestmead Team 88DNS
1016Chris StoreyVTTA (M/cr & NW)DNF

Helping set course today for @WeaverValleyCC for @nwcca race tomorrow. I hope the wind dies down! 🌪 pic.twitter.com/c06JEpWqY1

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09:30 - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club - see calendar for updated start times (Most runs 10:00 during the winter months)

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10:00 - Hatchmere

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