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Matt, Jeff and me all rode at UCLAN tonight, a first time for Jeff and I. It was the best evening of the year from a weather point of view; warm and with a gentle breeze.

Matt and Jeff were in the Big Boy race and I was in the Old Man race so I don’t know exactly how they got on but I know Matt was on the front the whole race and Jeff really enjoyed his first outing and they both finished in the top 10. Both races lasted 1 hour.

From a tactical racing perspective I didn’t do brilliantly but I had a great time; I was in the top 4 constantly, attacked numerous times and followed every other attack. I got away quite a few times but everything was brought back. I really should have let myself drift back in to the bunch on the last lap but instead when the sprint unfolded I was 2nd wheel.

A load of people came past me but I then worked my way back up and was 5th over the line and first in my age group so a good result in view of all of the work I did.

For a first event racing against my age group I was very encouraged and am really looking forward to the next one.

From Jeff:

First time at UCLAN and first race ever for me. A great evening that was very well organised and that I really enjoyed. What a fantastic facility they have there….something to aspire to locally.

I have to say I was nervous for most of the afternoon but as soon as the number was on and I was clipped in and had done a few warm up laps the nerves settled. There were few twitchy moments through the race around me and I tried to stay focussed on staying upright and out of trouble. 

Matt was active for most of the race on the front; you can’t chase your team mate down which was all the excuse I needed to sit in and try and get a feel for the circuit and racing.

I mowed the grass once, nipped off the front of the pack once, got guttered more than once and got lost on the last lap which saw me sprinting from way too far back and finished 9th (I think). Lots to take away from tonight and plenty to learn. Really looking forward to the next one.