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Ireland ride July 2017

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Following my C2C ride earlier this year I am now planning to ride the length of Ireland, 500 miles, South to North next July. I am planning to go with ACT Cycling Tours. See their website for more info. I think it will cost about £1300 all in. Not cheap I know but its not every week that I do something like this.
So, reason for post. Does anyone have any experience of either ACT Cycling, of the Ireland ride or any other useful comments. Also, if anyone is interested in joining me that would be welcome.
The tour begins on Sat 8 July 17 when I fly from Liverpool to Cork. The ride is then from Sun 9th until Sat 15th. About 70 miles a day. I then fly back from Belfast on Sun 16 July.
July may seem like a long way off to be thinking of this but I want to get my name down soon in case places get taken etc. I understand that a deposit of £150 reserves a place.
PS I'll put this on the Facebook site as well.
Any comments appreciated.