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Coast to Coast Ride (C2C)

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I'm planning on riding C2C from Whitehaven to Tynemouth on 17 and 18 Sept. There is a company called C2CHasslefree that sort most of it. I intend to drive to Kirkoswald, where they are based, on Friday 16 Sept. They then take riders and bikes to Whitehaven. We then ride about 75 miles back to Kirkoswald where we stay the night. On the Sunday we ride to Tynemouth about another 75 miles where they pick us up and take us back to Kirkoswald. You can either then drive home or stop the night and come back the following day. It is £165 for2 nights B and B or £185 if you stay the 3rd night.
At the moment Dave Read and I are planning on doing it. I think it might be better with a group of say 6 -8 or more.
Anyone interested let me know. I'm not on Facebook though.
Dave Wilkinson 01606 79171