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Club 25, 29715 on t...
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Club 25, 29715 on the J48

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Bit of a change over recent years, the club 25 championship will be decided in our own club 25 and fought out on roads that we use for our club 10's.

It's an Ideal opportunity to have a go and test yourself over 25 miles and not have the added pressure of entering an open event.

Some of you who ride the Guardian Cup 10's may think that it is too far to race, well this circuit is 12.5 miles long which will be covered twice, so you won't be far away from Shakely if you decide that you want to call it a day.

If you are not riding, this event needs a good few marshals, it would be a way of doing your bit and putting something back, don't worry, a full marshals briefing will take place at 6.30, this will give you plenty of time to get into position.
So don't be shy, it would be great to have too many volunteers, so come on, the future of this event will rely on having enough support.

Meet at Shakley Mere at 6:30, course will have routing direction arrows.