Altrincham Ravens 25 mile TT – 24/03/2012

Altrincham Ravens 25 mile TT

1Andrew WilkinsonPort Sunlight Wh00:52:194800:52:1900:15:15
2Simon BridgeManchester Wheelers00:54:054100:53:0500:12:08
3Justin McIlveenRhos-on-Sea CC00:55:554100:55:2500:10:18
4Gareth BowyerRhos-on-Sea CC00:56:044200:54:0400:10:22
5Darren MaironisWithington Wheelers00:56:273900:55:57
6Patrick GouldMatlock CC00:57:043800:54:34
7Ian HolbrookStone Wh00:57:174300:56:0200:09:21
8Chris SiepenWills Wheels00:57:223300:56:22
9Simon RoxburghRhos-on-Sea CC00:57:373800:52:52
10Paul RobinsonLyme RC00:57:404600:55:5500:09:33
11Gary TyePreston CC00:57:414300:55:4100:08:57
12Charles CarrazSeamons CC00:57:443800:54:29
13David WrightWarrington RC00:58:005300:51:3000:10:28
14Phil PearceLeigh Premier00:58:043700:54:34
15Martin WigganSeamons CC00:58:133600:55:13
16Russell MorrisRugby RCC00:58:134800:55:1300:09:21
17Chris RainfordGMC Fireservice Tri00:58:164700:48:4600:09:08
18Martin CainSurosa00:58:333600:52:33
19Mostyn BullockBuxton CC00:58:464600:53:0100:08:27
20Arthur WinstanleyPhoenix CC00:58:585500:53:1300:09:53
21Matt DuckMacclesfield Wheelers00:59:063100:50:06
22Anthony GillPedal Sport CC00:59:354200:54:5000:06:51
23Nathan TurnbullLeigh Premier00:59:423500:56:42
24Jack HugillMercia01:00:044600:55:0400:07:09
25Steven HankeyWarrington RC01:00:063900:57:21
26Martin Parishcrewe clarion wh01:00:123400:51:42
27Stephen L'AnsonBuxton CC01:00:125500:56:1200:08:39
28Philip BracegirdleWarrington RC01:00:324900:51:4700:07:13
29Tony BoardmanVTTA East Anglia01:00:415600:56:1100:08:22
30Craig NicholsonWestmead Team 8801:00:413701:00:41
31Kevin LarmerPort Sunlight Wh01:00:424100:53:5700:05:31
32Paul HowarthRhos-on-Sea CC01:00:434500:55:2800:06:18
33Jason FosseyHuddersfied Star Wh01:00:513700:50:51
34Thomas ThornelyBuxton CC01:01:152900:56:30
35Paul BrierleyHuddersfied RC01:01:194501:01:1900:05:42
36Ian ClarkAbbotsford Park RC01:01:226700:53:0700:10:28
37Alessandro WilliamsTunstall Wh01:01:252400:51:40
38Roger WrennMacclesfield Wheelers01:01:276701:01:2700:10:23
39Jill WilkinsonPort Sunlight Wh01:01:363800:51:51
40Neil O'BrienManchester Tri Club01:01:383400:49:38
41Dave NewtonChester RC01:01:475200:55:1700:06:30
42Simon BainesBuxton CC01:02:365100:49:0600:05:31
43Alistair StanwayWeaver Valley CC01:02:384400:55:3800:04:12
44Christine WilcockPort Sunlight Wh01:02:444400:52:4400:04:06
45Daniel SnapeSeamons CC01:02:462900:54:46
46Chris WilcockLyme RC01:02:554900:57:1000:04:50
47Oliver HomerRhos-on-Sea CC01:03:203000:50:50
48Richard CarySouthport CC01:03:364600:51:3600:03:37
49Ian ClarkePort Sunlight Wh01:03:414400:58:2600:03:09
50Sean DavenportSeamons CC01:03:421500:50:42
51Graham HillSouth Pennine RC01:03:485200:56:0300:04:29
52David FoxWarrington RC01:04:034900:53:4800:03:42
53George AlderidgeBirkenhead NE01:04:176001:04:1700:05:37
54Daniel BurdekinSouthport CC01:04:262100:53:11
55Chris StoreyVTTA (M&NW)01:04:265500:49:5600:04:25
56Martin KayRochdale Triathlon01:04:334100:57:4800:01:40
57Jack FearonWeaver Valley CC01:04:401800:59:25
58Mike WilsonWarrington RC01:04:595400:52:4400:03:41
59Robbie HarcourtNova CC01:05:174800:59:1700:02:17
60Andy BarrattKidsgrove Wh01:05:204000:54:0500:00:40
61John LeachEast Kilbride RC01:05:376600:55:5200:05:54
62Karen PopplewellSeamons CC01:05:403800:57:25
63Bill SedgwickNL VTTA01:06:256201:06:2500:03:59
64Mike ColeHuddersfied RC01:07:196700:57:3400:04:31
65Colin BaldwinSouthport CC01:07:416500:56:5600:03:32
66Paul KayAshurst Bike Club01:07:485800:54:4800:01:40
67Brain PowellLyme RC01:08:355900:54:5000:01:06
68Peter HayhurstCongleton CC01:12:407300:56:1000:01:31
69Carolyn HumeStockport Clarion01:16:374200:53:37*-04:55
70Caroline FearonWeaver Valley CC01:17:294601:01:29*-04:55
1001Keith BoardmanBirkenhead NE74DNF
1002Adrian JappWeaver Valley CC46DNF
1003Simon CorbettBuxton CC43DNF
1004Peter WareSt Helens CRC37DNF
1005Jonathan BainesBuxton CC21DNS
1006Michael ArmstrongLiverpool Century RC55DNS
1007Ian MiddletonWestmead Team 8863DNS
1008David SmithDeeside Olympic67DNS
1009Carl RuebothamTeam Swift46DNS
1010Greg DancerStone Wh58DNS
1011Anthony BlairManchester Wheelers41DNS

Altrincham Ravens 25 mile TT - Medium Gear

1Nige WoodWills Wheels01:00:144800:58:5900:07:20
2Paul McAllisterSeamons CC01:00:274001:00:2700:05:33
3John HobsonChevin Cycles01:00:313500:55:01
4Dave FearonWeaver Valley CC01:01:154801:00:1500:06:19
5Steve HargreavesManchester Wheelers01:02:464801:01:1600:04:48
6Steven GoodbierEvesham & Dist Wh01:03:283901:01:28
7David ParkesCoventry RC01:04:535700:52:5300:04:22
8Francis GraftonNottingham Clarion CC01:06:056200:59:3500:04:19
9Peter DaviesBirkenhead NE01:06:415201:06:4100:01:36
10Paul GreerAbbotsford Park RC01:07:376101:07:3700:02:32
11Dave HandyKidsgrove Wh01:14:356701:00:05*-0:02:45
12John BurstonABC Centreville01:18:516701:05:36*-0:07:01
1001Denis ThompsonWest Pennine RC61DNF
1002David SteeleLyme RC72DNS
1003David AmessPennine CC47DNS

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

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Training Rides
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Wrinklies Ride Out
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Training Rides
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“Both Saturday Rides” 1 & 2 Meet 9:00 at Hatchmere Ride 1 – Training ride – off first at 09:00. Bangor on Dee with a cafe stop at Cleopatras. Through and off, average 20-21mph Ride[...]
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AGM – all members welcome.
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10:00 Wrinklies Ride Out
Wrinklies Ride Out
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A 10:00 for a 10:10 depart.. an easy, no one gets left behind run. Usually head out into the wind so we have a tail wind home.

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