A fast day on the hill – WVCC ‘Cat & Fiddle’ Hill Climb – Sunday 20th September 2015

Thanks must go out to all who helped in organising and running this year, and to all riders who enjoyed a clear and fast day this time round!

Only 11 riders came off the start line before rider 12, Peter Tadros set the bar very high with a 20:00.2 ride (which gave him the Vets prize, unchallenged for the day).

After this, times were fast, and 39 of the total of 94 starters finished under 23 minutes.

Becky Lewis was out early and set a blistering time of 22:17.4, which was unchallenged until Dame Sarah Storey hot the road, on only her 2nd ride up the Cat & Fiddle, to record a stunning 21:50.8 and clinch not only top lady for the day, but also smashed Joanne Blakeley’s 2013 event record.

Paul Robinson was very pleased by knocking a few seconds of his time from last year, and once again setting a new event record with 20:58.2 and clinching V50+ 1st. Peter Greenwood also shows no signs of slowing in the V60+ category by flying up in 22:11.3

With the teams, Buxton CC and Lyme RC swapped places this year, with Buxton 1st and Lyme 2nd.

Nicolas Latimer came close to the magic 20. By hitting a 20:37.2, only .2 seconds slower than David Crawley a few riders later, and 6.1 seconds slower than earlier starter Jason Ragan.

Come rider 102, Daniel Minor, still a Junior, the times were still hovering in the mid 20s as he recorded a 20:39.7 for Junior top prize.

Finally, a hush descended at the HQ as the last few results came in, were typed into the spreadsheet, and all watched the screen.. Lee Baldwin – 19:52.0, Mathew Cartlidge – 19:49.9, Andrew Magnier – 19:51.0.. but would last year’s winner do it again?

The answer soon came – Adam Kenway – 18:37.2!! A clear and worthy winner!!

A great and fast day today, and I trust that all riders enjoyed it. I hope to see you again next year.

Event Records:
Senior:        2013       Tejvan Pettinger                      18:16.8
Ladies:       2015       Dame Sarah Storey                21:50.8       *** New Record 
Vets:           2008       Chris Myhill                             19:50.0
Vets 50+     2015       Paul Robinson                       20:58.2       *** New Record 
Vets 60+:    2013       Peter Greenwood                    20:26.8
Juniors:       2004       Adam Kenway                         19:50.4
Team:          2013       Buxton CC                              59:39.2      

Dame Sarah Storey flies home to clinch the ladies event record.

Dame Sarah Storey flies home to clinch the ladies event record.

Tony, Woody, and Maisie the timekeeping dog, alert the bark out the next number and record the rider's times over the line.

Tony, Woody, and Maisie the timekeeping dog, alerts the guys by barking out the next number to help them record the rider’s times over the line.

Overall results table:

1Adam KenwaySportGrub Kuota Cycling Team28S18:37.2
2Matthew CartlidgeKuota-GSG-Spinergy26S19:49.9
3Andrew MagnierGiordana - Mitsibushi RT27S19:51.0
4Lee BaldwinChampion System/VCUK33S19:52.0
5Peter TadrosIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp45V20:00.2
6Jacob RaganThe Nab Racing Team20S20:31.1
7David CrawleyFibrax-Wrexham RC39S20:37.0
8Nicholas LatimerRutland CC33S20:37.2
9Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club17J20:39.7
10Sam ClarkBuxton CC35S20:41.4
11Ben NorburyCongleton CC31S20:48.5
12Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club52V50+20:58.2
13Bhima BowdenBuxton CC27S21:02.7
14Steve StrangeMatlock CC37S21:09.8
15Courtney Blockley-CamptonLeicester Forest CC25S21:14.6
16Richard GildeaDidcot Phoenix CC29S21:30.4
17Kevin WhiteMatlock CC46V21:34.1
18Tom BrazierTeam Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical31S21:35.1
19Steve DaintithCoverYourCar.co.uk RT42V21:39.5
20Neil SkellernTeam Swift51V50+21:41.5
21Jon WaddiloveCrewe Clarion Whs47V21:44.2
22Joseph DobsonManchester Bicycle Club24S21:48.0
23Dame Sarah StoreyPearl Izumi Sports Tours International BOBC37L21:50.8
24Andy AshurstManchester Wheelers Club50V50+21:57.6
25Chris EdmondsonFibrax-Wrexham RC39S22:04.0
26Arne BeswickBuxton CC23S22:08.0
27Leon WrightTeam P B Performance33S22:09.4
28Peter GreenwoodTeam Swift63V60+22:11.3
29Mark NultyGlossop Kinder Velo30S22:14.8
30Andrew HicklinFusion CC (Dronfield)49V22:15.6
31David MurphyLiverpool Mercury Dolan CC18S22:17.0
32Becky LewisFibrax-Wrexham RC35L22:17.4
33Theo JefferiesWestmead Team 8817J22:24.7
34David JohnsonGlossop Kinder Velo42V22:28.1
35Ewan CairdParamount CRT29S22:30.6
36Andy MooreLincoln Whs CC40V22:33.2
37Matthew CosgroveSport City17J22:50.7
38Phil BrookeWills Wheels CC41V22:53.0
39Tony CopeLeek Cyclists Club42V22:58.0
40James RussellMacclesfield Wheelers53V50+23:13.2
41Kris BowditchLyme Racing Club40V23:18.1
42Louis PerryLyme Racing Club15J23:20.8
43Chris WilcoxLyme Racing Club52V50+23:30.8
44Mark ReadManchester Wheelers Club37S23:33.0
45Joseph BrennanKidsgrove Wheelers25S23:36.7
46Laurence JacksonWestmead Team 8832S23:38.5
47Richard CoghillLeek Cyclists Club52V50+23:40.5
48Will PeggStone Wheelers CC41V23:40.9
49David NeillLeek Cyclists Club59V50+23:43.0
50Dave FearonWeaver Valley CC51V50+23:44.8
51Karl ClayLeek Cyclists Club52V50+23:48.7
52Mark StevensFrodsham Wheelers49V23:50.9
53Darren PerryLyme Racing Club44V23:56.7
54Chris ReynoldsLiverpool Century RC32S24:20.9
55Alex CoatesLyme Racing Club14J24:28.1
56Paul TargettPendle Forest CC50V50+24:29.8
57Phil GayesLeek Cyclists Club45V24:39.0
58Helen EborallBorn to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles39L24:41.3
59Dan RobinsonManchester Wheelers Club30S24:51.0
60Neil OliverLyme Racing Club40V25:03.9
61James BrayfordLyme Racing Club17J25:06.9
62Craig GilchristLeek Cyclists Club35S25:07.2
63Oliver GildeaManchester Wheelers Club21S25:12.5
64Jon WhiteKidsgrove Wheelers32S25:12.6
65Rob SuttonLiverpool Century RC36S25:18.0
66Nicola SodenStocksbridge CC28L25:28.4
67Simon DeggStone Wheelers CC48V25:33.1
68Charlotte ThompsonVC St Raphael26L25:34.3
69Richard CoatesLeek Cyclists Club50V50+25:41.6
70Andrew GraceCrewe Clarion Wheelers59V50+25:46.0
71Robert RhodesPro Vision Clothing RC36S25:55.3
72Jayne DickensVision Racing (Delamere Dairy/GRM Property et al)46L25:56.1
73Theo TadrosIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp13J26:01.4
74Daniel John-Angus RalphLeek Cyclists Club45V26:03.9
75Mark AllenCongleton CC17J26:08.4
76Aidan MorleyLyme Racing Club15J26:11.5
77Nikola MatthewsPearl Izumi Sports Tours International BOBC33L26:17.4
78Ian HaddockWarrington Road Club37S26:27.2
79Paul HaywoodLeek Cyclists Club56V50+26:51.7
80Stephen GlenwrightVTTA (Merseyside)52V50+26:59.5
81David PrinceCrewe Clarion Whs68V60+27:20.8
82Penny ThornWeaver Valley CC41L27:39.9
83Neil DrummondWeaver Valley CC54V50+28:03.7
84Connor FearonWeaver Valley CC18S28:07.7
85Kelvin MilwardCongleton CC52V50+28:08.6
86Malcolm FlanneryWarrington Road Club42V29:21.0
87Sarah SodenLeicester Forest CC51L29:54.9
88Holly CarterManchester Wheelers Club30L31:07.0
89Graham HillSouth Pennine RC58V50+31:13.7
90Jonathan PooleAshley Touring CC52V50+31:27.8
91Paul JenningsLyme Racing Club68V60+32:08.5
92David CartlidgeLyme Racing Club74V60+32:08.7
93David SteeleLyme Racing Club75V60+32:32.2
94Edgar ReynoldsCongleton CC67V60+32:50.5
William NeillLeek Cyclists Club23SDNS
Devon RoundMid Shropshire Wheelers15JDNS
Nick DickensStone Wheelers CC46VDNS
Vanessa WhitfieldTeam 2237LDNS
James BellMid Shropshire Wheelers17JDNS Apol.
Charles RoweStowmarket & Dist. CC/Autostrasse/Orbea65V60+DNS Apol.
Sam WainwrightAshfield RC26SDNS Apol.
Joseph MolyneauxLeek Cyclists Club22SDNS Apol.
Chris LoxleyNorth Cheshire Clarion45VDNS Apol.
Michael HumphreysChampion System/VCUK27SDNS Apol.
Hamish McDougallLeicester Forest CC22SDNS Apol.
Sandra MackayVeloschils Interbike RT46LDNS Apol.
Melanie ArmstrongChapeau! The Peoples Bike Club33LDNS Apol.
Dan OgdenShutt Velo Rapide41VDNS Apol.
Claire MuntonMalteni Race Team38LDNS Apol.
Oliver HumphreysShutt Velo Rapide38SDNS Apol.
Joanne BlakeleyTeam 2228LDNS Apol.

Vets (40-49)

1Peter TadrosIn Gear Quickvit Trainsharp20:00.2
2Kevin WhiteMatlock CC21:34.1
3Steve DaintithCoverYourCar.co.uk RT21:39.5

Vets (50-59)

1Paul RobinsonLyme Racing Club20:58.2
2Neil SkellernTeam Swift21:41.5

Vets (60+)

1Peter GreenwoodTeam Swift22:11.3
2David PrinceCrewe Clarion Whs27:20.8


1Dame Sarah StoreyPearl Izumi Sports Tours International BOBC21:50.8
2Becky LewisFibrax-Wrexham RC22:17.4


1Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club20:39.7
2Theo JefferiesWestmead Team 8822:24.7


1Sam ClarkBuxton CC01:03:52.1
Bhima Bowden
Arne Beswick
2Daniel MinorLyme Racing Club01:04:56.0
Paul Robinson
Kris Bowditch

A PDF full result sheet can also be found below:

WVCC Hill Climb 2015 Result Sheet

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Training Rides 1 & 2
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