WVCC Club 10s – Guardian Cup Round 8 – 20th July 2016

Well, here we are, a week after major traffic jams and club championships settled, back to the long game of Guardian Cup points, fast times, and a more subtle battle than last year as we complete round 8.

The night was a good one, with some great times and many a PB set. Fast seasoned legs brought some great times in.

Not surprisingly, Lee Suthard brought in a quick time of 21:28. but then Craig Lee went well under 25 with a 24:41, pipping Nick Butterworth only by 4 seconds for his 3rd place on the night.

1Lee Suthard21:28
2Craig Lee24:41
3Nick Butterworth24:45
4Colin Carthy24:57
5Colin Walsh25:27
6Dan Robson25:36
7Paul Woodfinden*25:36
8Steve Marlow25:38
9Jim Williams25:44
10Andy Woolley25:59
11Stephen Lucas26:16
12Paul Conner*26:49
13Patrick Lucas26:53
14Dave Read27:02
15Geoff Lovelady27:32
16Sarah Illidge*27:53
17Andy George28:12
18Dave Wilkinson28:40
19Steve Thomas28:59
20Rich Munro29:19

*Note that non-club members do not qualify for Guardian Cup points.

For this week, we also saw some big point scorers come back, and Patrick Lucas chopped 89 seconds of his previous PB to gain maximum points for the round, whilst other winners were Nick Butterworth and Geoff Lovelady with late competition points scored. unfortunately, Rich Munro punctured and thus was a DNF for the night, still looking for a 5th result for his points tally.

AJ 27/07/2016: Addendum: Following a review of the timekeeper’s results for the evening, it has been noted that Rich Munro crossed the line with his puncture to record a 29:19, and although he wasn’t happy about his time, this has been recorded and scores 9 points towards the Guardian Cup.

PositionRiderTimeCurrent PBNew PBPB Date 2014/15+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points
1Patrick Lucas26:5328:2226:5320-Jul-20168925
2Nick Butterworth24:4525:4924:4520-Jul-20166424
3Geoff Lovelady27:3228:3227:3220-Jul-20166023
4Steve Marlow25:3826:2125:3820-Jul-20164322
5Steve Thomas28:5929:3528:5920-Jul-20163621
6Dan Robson25:3626:0525:3620-Jul-20162920
7Colin Walsh25:2725:5625:2720-Jul-20162920
8Colin Carthy24:5725:1524:5720-Jul-20161818
9Andy Woolley25:5926:0125:5920-Jul-2016217
10Dave Wilkinson28:4028:3928:3929-Jun-2016-116
11Dave Read27:0226:5226:5229-Jul-2015-1015
12Stephen Lucas26:1626:0426:0404-May-2016-1214
13Andy George28:1227:5527:5518-May-2016-1713
14Craig Lee24:4124:1824:1815-Jul-2016-2312
15Lee Suthard21:2821:0221:0222-Jul-2015-2611
16Jim Williams25:4423:4523:4518-May-2016-11910
17Rich Munro29:1926:0726:0706-Jul-2016-1929

So, how is the competition shaping up? Well, Dave Wilkinson stays static with his best 5 rounds already recorded at 113 points, but now there are hounds breathing down his neck, as positions 2 through 6 are all well into the nineties with their points. Rich himself can score big as he has only 4 counting rides this year, so can jump up with a fast ride in the next couple of weeks.

AJ 27/07/2016: Addendum: With the above time and points recorded, Rich retains his 2nd place, and Rich now scores 105 points with 5 counting rides.

Round 9 isn’t till 3rd August, as 27th July is our club 25 championship, but there are still 50 points up for grabs for those who haven’t ridden the maximum number of rounds, and potential jumps up the ladder for those who have points, but have chance to improve their times. It’s not over till August the 10th…. 🙂

PlaceTotal Points Best 5NameCounting RidesCurrent HandicapRace 1 11th MayRace 2 18th MayRace 3 25th MayRace 4 1st JuneRace 5 15th JuneRace 6 29th JuneRace 7 6th JulyRace 8 20th July
1113Dave Wilkinson528:3922232023251116
2105Rich Munro526:07No points252424239
395Emily Martin526:171922211815
494Andy Woolley525:59No points2416197181417
494Steve Marlow525:38619232422
693Geoff Lovelady527:3210191411201723
789Colin Carthy524:5714112214142118
789Nick Butterworth424:45No points24212024
987Jim Williams523:452021188111710
1084Dan Robson525:368181511191220
1175Patrick Lucas326:53252525
1271Jo Blakeley325:24No points252323
1370John Hassall425:3614161822
1469Andy George527:55169151613
1566Elaine Mossman429:3913171719
1665Mark Walker326:34202421
1665Dave Read426:527222115
1861Caroline Fearon328:25211624
1959Craig Lee524:185915101312
2056Rob Amson330:4622925
2155Colin Walsh325:27171820
2249Stu Ward324:40161518
2346Lee Suthard421:0212131011
2443Dave Fearon223:212320
2541Ady Japp326:11111020
2640Steve Malkin326:34161212
2640Steve Thomas228:59No points1921
2832Neil Drummond324:5912713
2931Chris Gilbertson224:241813
3025Derek Heine131:2525
3025Jim Duffy122:4925
3222Stephen Lucas226:04814
3318Alan Silver129:5518
3413Geoff Mullett123:3313
3413Ben Jones126:19No points13
369Simon Howells130:469
378Mark Dixon125:478
386Matt Sayle125:236
395Anthony Booth126:075

As a club, we’d like to wish Andrew Simpson @simmo_on_sport all the best for the future, with a heartfelt thanks for supporting WVCC all these years....

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Wrinklies Ride Out
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Wrinklies Ride Out
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A 10:00 for a 10:10 depart.. an easy, no one gets left behind run. Usually head out into the wind so we have a tail wind home.
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Training Rides
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“Both Saturday Rides” 1 & 2 Meet 10:00 at Hatchmere Ride 1 – Training ride – off first at 10:00. Bangor on Dee with a cafe stop at Cleopatras. Through and off, average 20-21mph Ride[...]

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