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Many thanks to all those who have volunteered so far for this event. We do however, need quite a few more people from the club to help out. You could even cycle out and help for many of the areas that we need to cover – as there is NO club run on that day, and for that week, there will be a club run on a Saturday for those who wish to stretch their legs.
As stated last time, we are a club of over 170 members, so we should be able to easily support this event. If you’ve never volunteered before, it’s really quite easy, and an interesting way to get involved to help with this event. Speak to Graham or any of us on the committee and we can give you further details.

We only need 7 more marshals to have enough people to run a NATIONAL RACE.

It’s on us people, now is the time to step up and help out.

It is a national event, and we are proud to be able to support it.

We require the marshals from 12:30 till around 4:30. It isn’t a difficult job, and you’ll be well supported.

So, come on, give us a shout, we only now need volunteers for the afternoon, then you can be away. Not too much time to commit.


Adrian Japp
Club Secretary