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Whilst we’re all doing our own things, solo riding, socially distancing as a small group, or not riding at all, it’s always good to look forward in these changing times.

WVCC is still here, still waiting patiently, and ready to unleash activities when safe to do so.

At this stage, we remain cautious, but shortly, I’ll be sending out a meeting invitation to all members to attend our AGM at the end of September – no chip butties I’m afraid, unless you make your own – why not?

Ahead of the meeting, as a member of the club, by all means put forward your suggestions to me via email* as to what you think your club should be doing, and how you’d like to get involved, once we return to full operation.

You’ll also have seen the post recently about renewing your membership.

This may raise all sorts of questions, especially – I’m not getting anything out of the club, so why should I re-join? As a committee, we are acutely aware of this, and thank all of our members for being so patient during this crisis.

As we see out this year, hopefully with some glimmers of positive change, we are already looking to see what we can do differently next year – both as a reward for your loyalty, and to adapt to this new world that we are currently living in.

We are therefore looking currently at organising some sort of event next year.

This will more than likely be a social event, as we are unlikely to be holding a club dinner in February due to not having any competition awards to present(!)

We will be offering this event free to all paid-up club members who renew and stay with the club, as a thank you for being with WVCC. This also won’t come at the expense of other activities that we hope to plan as we would normally.

More information will follow as soon as we are able to firmly start planning an event.
We are still a great club, so there is every reason to look forward, bring us your view and requests at the AGM, and hope for an environment where we can soon resume activities, both competitive and social.

Thanks all.

Adrian Japp
Club Secretary

(*see the contacts page, Facebook post or email me directly – you should all have my email address but due to various malicious site scraping software, I won’t publish it here).