24 February 2024 @ 09:00 – 13:30
Hatchmere Cross Rds

Two rides both starting at Hatchmere , same route each week both dropping but differentiated by pace. Option at Churton to do a shorter ride total approx 50 miles or continue to do Bangor on Dee loop approx 65 miles

Route out via Mouldsworth,Ashton,Tarvin,Waverton,Saighton,Bruera,Aldford then at Churton either head in to Holt for cafe stop or continue to do a Bangor on Dee loop in to Holt.

Return via Aldford,Bruera,Saighton,Waverton,Hargrave,Huxley,Brassey Green,Tarporley,Eaton,Whitegate,Hartford in to Northwich

Ride 1 starting at 0900 more suited to stronger riders with group riding experience. Pace 18 to 21mph

Ride 2 starting at 0901 paced at 16 to 19mph again with group riding experience.

For newcomers to the club it is recommended to ride on the Sunday Club Runs at first to become familiar with group riding at a slower pace on non dropping rides and to establish a pace you are comfortable with before joining the Saturday Club Rides.

Please ensure you have read the WVCC Risk Assessment in the New Riders tab on the website. It is a condition of joining the ride. Thank You