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Northwich Pedal Pow...
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Northwich Pedal Power next weekend.

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Going to put this on BookFace too for a bit of cross-contamination.

Are we meeting up to start as a group, (doesn't mean you have to suffer my company all day ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ?
I'm do the 70 mile one, Jim Williams is too, not sure if anyone else has signed up but I'm hoping so as there is no club run that day.

Looks like there's still places left, entry through the BC website r"> or on the day.

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There's a chaingang of Hornbys doing the 35miler. Myself and Marie, brother Geoff, other brother Mike with wife Sue. Daughter Alison. Pace v relaxed and we're having breakfast at The Kings Lock. There'll be a mixture of club type bikes, sit up bikes, tricycles. Anyone very welcome to join us. We aim to sign on at 8.30ish

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Hi folks, if you're interested: I've posted a blog on our Pedal Power ride today on
Sorry no photo at the moment due to technical problems, so I'll post it here instead.
Well done everyone and hats off to Jules, Elaine, Ady and Graham - and others - who manned our stand and forewent (new word that) their own chance of a ride to promote the club.
What an excellent event, with a happy inclusive community feel, promoting cycling in all its guises. Well done to Gina and Nick for making it happen. It was lovely to see members of the O'Brien family out and about - Claire would have been so chuffed to have seen what's become of this event, from its first inception two years ago when it was just an idea, which she tentatively brought to a committee meeting.