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New Starter Rides
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New Starter Rides

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Weaver Valley CC are planning to take regular All abilities bike rides (Starter Rides)
Sunday 24th May Meeting at Hartford Social Club Bradburns Lane 10:00am
(opposite the Grange School )
These rides are designed to get Adults, Families, Youngsters with a road worthy
Road, ATB or hybrid bike (not BMX) confidence to ride with a few of our experienced club riders.
The routes will be between 5 and 10miles mainly on flat quiet roads and
tracks at an easy pace to suit all riding abilities on the day.
The plan is to introduce bike riders to club cycling and hopefully after
completing a number of these very short rides progress onto our Sunday
club runs.
The aim on these Starter Rides will be to ride out in one or more small groups
a short route around the Cheshire countryside with an halfway coffee stop before returning
The routes suggested vary from Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm, Delemere Station Cafe ,
Toft road Ice Cream Farm , Tatton Park Cafe and various other cafe stops.
For more information contact Alan Silver Club Runs Captain
Text or Phone Mob: 07530809870

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Al, I hope all goes well this Sunday, with fine sunny weather and light winds [well I did say 'hope' πŸ˜‰ ] and plenty of new enthusiastic beginners.

I'm away 'darn sari' so can't join you, Good Luck ,see you soon.

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Cheers fella's and Gina, Sam had a great day

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Just seen the blog, and young Sam looks very much like he's riding one of them mountain bikes. We'll do one of the off-road beginners and returners rides in the next couple of months, and perhaps have another James Risk coming out of the MTB section.

Did you manage to keep up Andy?

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No probs Matt, drafted on the lad for 16 of those 17 miles πŸ˜‰