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24th April , long r...
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24th April , long run to the Plassey.

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A very pleasant day on the bike today out to Plassey via Peckforton , Malpas , Bangor on Dee and the extra 3 miles or so onto Plassey. Myself , Jim W with a hundred miles in his legs from yesterday, sounded quite fast as well on the Saturday training ride , father and son { a great Cat Stevens song ! ) Steve and Paddy, Matt Nowell luckily for us in recovery mode , Ewart , Colin W and Stuart W. and Dave Fearon riding his single gear on his 10 speed cassette made up the group.

Very relaxed riding for a group like this with the usual pattern of 5 minutes each at the front before changing sides helped us plough through the wind which was quite strong at times .

Feeling quite hungry by Plassey we were unable to get an inside table as the Birkenhead North End lads plus others had filled the place. Too nippy to sit outside so a joint decision was made to go to our favourite cafe at Holt , Cleopatras. 2 tables pushed together to accomodate us all , every one promptly served with the usual cyclists food and lots of cake etc before a slightly more brisk but very disciplined ride home via Tattenhall and Huxley where Jim left us probably to round his mileage up to another nice 100 miles. The rest of us had no alternative due to a road closure near Kelsall to go over Chapel Lane climb which made me realize how tired my legs were from the previous days race .A quick descent to Cotebrook , Oulton Park and in Whitegate the first shower of the day caught us giving a chilly end to the ride . Another very enjoyable ride out with great company as usual .

Alan K