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Bryton Rider 21 GPS Cycle Computer

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I have had a replacement unit sent to me from Bryton which I have never used so it is up for sale for £60. As I can only ride one bike at a time I have realised that I don't need another GPS unit.

I have a couple of bike mounts as well - these have been used.

Exquisite GPS Cycling Computer
3 customized data screens with various data options, such as distance, calories, speed, altitude, slope and more.
Real time altitude information to help you ride smartly.
Compatible with ANT+ HR monitor, speed and cadence sensors.
Slim and lightweight design.
Anti-glare display for daytime and clear backlight for night rides.
No installation needed. Just turn on and go.


• Model: Rider 21
• Dimension WxHxD: 39.8 x 60.5 x 16.5 mm
• Device Weight: 40 g
• Display: 1.6" Mono LCD
• Max battery hours: 17
• GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
• Waterproof: IPX7
• Wireless interface: 2.4 GHz ANT+
• Alerts: Yes
• Lap history: 1,500 laps
• Log history: 82 hours
• Training Options: Simple
• Heart rate zones: 7 zones
• Bryton Bridge 2TM software: Yes
• Barometer: Yes
• Training Center: Yes
• Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C

More details of the unit can be found here:

Posted : 22/03/2015 9:37 pm