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Dave Hinde - Winter Fitting & Offers For Weaver Valley Only

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With winter upon us I would like to take this chance
to remind all Weaver Valley members that we have club only exclusive deals
on all winter clothing. We have a range of waterproof jackets, winter
jackets, thermal hats, gloves, overshoes, lighting, mudguards and all you
will need to get you through the cold months.
We are also offering a special service for your winter bikes to get them
ready and safe for the slippery cold months ahead. We are offering a basic
winter service which will cover gear servicing, wheel trueing/checking,
bearings check and complete bike service all for £29.95 to club only
In readiness for the season ahead we also have a number of customers who are
packing away their nice summer machines and we are offering a complete strip
down and rebuild service where each of the components are de-greased,
cleaned and re -lubed, re-fitted and fully serviced ready for next year.
This comprehensive service is available from other stores for £150-£200 and
we normally charge £99.95 for this, for Valley members this can be done for
just £59.95.
Also with one eye on the new year we have come up with a special custom fit
service for your current bike. The process involves a one-to-one with Dave
who will get you on our fully articulated measuring jig and give you your
perfect riding position, we can then recommend changes to your current bike
and help get you spot on for your future season. This is all on offer for
just £29.95 and we will email you your full geometry chart for your future
Thanks to all who have already taken advantage of our winter kit exclusives
(you know who you are - too many to mention) and we hope to see you soon.
Stay safe and all the best from Dave & Jim

Posted : 05/11/2015 7:47 pm