Club 10s – Gentleman’s 2-Up – 2nd May 2012

Results from the Gentleman’s 2 Up, on Wednesday 2nd May 2012.

1Nick Butterworth - Peter Williams25-55
2Andy Apanasionok –- Steve Thomas26-05
3Richard Munro -– Kev Campbell26-09
4John Molds –- Bruce Mcku Thompson26-46
5Andrew Wood -– Alan Silver27-10
6Chris Gilbertson27-15
7John Keen -– John White27-56
8Dillon Sharrock -– Carol Robson28-03
9Elaine Kay –- Paul Kay29-09
10Jimmy Williams -– Derek Heine30-45
11Claire O’Brien -– Lesley Teall42-04

The WVCC Hill Climb is on 18th September 2016. This is usually a hugely successful event, and only goes well with helpers.

There isn't a club run on this day, so this is a call out for volunteers.

I'll need various duties covering on the day, including:

Kitchen help - to refresh the riders after the effort!
Marshals at junctions - to have a 'presence' for other road users to observe, and to observe that riders are obeying the rules of the road.
Time keepers assistant at the start
Time keepers assistant at and finish - a really important job. Needs a mobile phone to phone results through at convenient intervals to the HQ.
Push off assistant - to hold the riders upright at the start and give them a push as they begin.
Marshals at the finish - especially important to make sure that riders finish safely and are directed off the road before safely returning to the HQ.
Signing on assistant. To help me get the riders signed in, hand out race numbers, and collect them at the end.

Volunteering is rewarding and easy. Instructions will be provided for you, so there is nothing that you need to know in advance or learn!

Please let me know here or via email at and if you have a duty preference, let me know.

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Our Annual General Meeting is booked for 7:30pm on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at our HQ at Winnington Park RFC.

This is a chance for you to be involved in a review of this year, and to get involved, share your views, ask questions etc.

This is your club, not mine, and not the committee's, so come along if you want to have a say in the club activities.

Last years's AGM was fairly poorly attended, so it would be nice to see our members taking part. It's not compulsory, but we make decisions about the future of the club, and if you have an opinion, a request, or a question, then this is the ideal time to bring them forward.

Formal AGM proposals must be put forward for our committee meeting next Tuesday (these are things fundamental to our running such as election of new officers, volunteers for official duties, changes to our club constitution etc, or more general but important points). If you have anything that you wish to have formally raised, please contact me at or any other committee member, and we'll put your proposal forward as an agenda item for the AGM.

There will be food provided (for free!) on the night, and the bar will be open (but not free!).

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Got a TT on Saturday and was wondering if anyone has a pointy hat I could borrow. I am size large according to Giro. Thanks in advance Andy. ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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Emily Martin's 10 win gets a mention on the CTT website ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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Is there any plans for a ride out to watch tour of Britain on 6th September? ... ’Expand’’Hide’

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Club meeting times

Sunday runs:

09:30 - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club - see calendar for updated start times (Most runs 10:00 during the winter months)

Tuesday evening (informal - usually a small gathering!)

20:45 - 21:00 onwards - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club

Wednesday runs:

10:00 - Hatchmere

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