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It’s interesting at R6 as the 5 counting rides starts to come into play, early leaders can fall away as other club members start to get 5 rides in.  

Congratulations to Neil Houghton who improved 44 sec to win this round of the G Cup and Nikki Morley and any others who were riding their first TT. 

Sam Taylor was fastest overall with a 21:41 from Jeff Wood and Emily Martin.

Kev Davies leads the GC overall from Dave Cope and Alex Chaffey-Green.

Top 3 in the Road Bike Challenge remains unchanged and the Scratch Cup has Stu Ward from Craig Lee and Alex Chaffey-Green at the top of the table.

Gonna keep reminding you that you need Front and Rear lights [bright and switched on] and a helmet. See you all next week

Round 6 results as below:

PosRiderActual TimeCurrent PBNew PB+/- Sec sGuardian Cup Points (25 for 1st reducing)Scratch Cup Points. (25 for 1st reducing)Road Bike Challenge (cumulative total)
1Sam Taylor21:4121:1521:15-261825no points
2Jeff Wood23:1422:5922:59-152124no points
3Emily Martin24:0222:4122:41-811323no points
4Stu Ward24:1723:5723:57-201922no points
5Craig Lee24:4024:0324:03-371521no points
6++Kevin Davies24:4925:1624:4927242025
7Alex Chaffey-Green24:4924:4924:4902219no points
8++Andy Milligan25:2724:5424:54-33161824
9Colin Carthy25:5625:3725:37-192017no points
10++Richard Morgan26:1726:3126:1714231623
11Steve Marlow26:1825:2925:29-491415no points
12++Tim Heaward*26:38n/an/an/ano pointsno pointsno points
13++Dave Cope27:4127:1427:14-27171422
14++Neil Houghton29:0929:5329:0944251321
15++George Thompson*29:20n/an/an/ano pointsno pointsno points
16++Geoff Lovelady30:1828:4628:46-92121220
17++Matt Dyson31:07n/a31:07benchmarkn/ano points1119
18++Nikki Morley31:51n/a31:51benchmarkn/ano points1018

Note: * after name – Not 1st Claim – doesn’t count for points series

Note: ++ – Road bike [no disc, wheels 65mm deep or less, no helmet covering ears]

Road Bike Running Total

PlaceNameTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th June
1Kevin Davies12102224252525
2David Cope119201919201922
3Andy Milligan11925242202424
4Richard Morgan10821212023023
5Geoff Lovelady104161817171620
6Paul Shaw801901821220
7Graham Veal70242323000
8Alex Chaffey - Green69232521000
9Neil Houghton55170001721
10Deborah Morgan54180018180
11Shaun Roberts4622002400
12Matt Heath250025000
13J Keen230000230
14Andrew Mallagh220002200
15C Thompson210000210
16Jack Fearon200200000
17N Woods200000200
18Nick Butterworth190001900
19Mike Dyson190000019
20Nikki Morley180000018

Scratch Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th June
1Stu Ward114135232522212222
2Craig Lee10910921242122021
3Alex Chaffey - Green102119192317202119
4=Kevin Davies979701920191920
4=Andy Milligan989822221801818
6Richard Morgan828216181616016
7Sam Taylor7575250002525
8Jeff Wood7373002524024
9David Cope7385161614131214
10Emily Martin7171240002423
11Lloyd Smith6969002323230
12Carl Hitchenson64641720151200
13Graham Veal6060202119000
14Geoff Lovelady59681115129912
15Paul Shaw57571401314160
16M att Heath494900242500
17Steve Marlow4747000171515
18Neil Houghton3535120001013
19Shaun Roberts363618001800
20Deborah Morgan3434130010110
21Dave Fearon20200000200
22=Jack Fearon17170170000
22=John Keen17170000170
24Colin Carthy17170000017
25Andrew Mallagh15150001500
26Claire Thompson14140000140
27Nigel Woods13130000130
28Nick Butterworth11110001100
29Mike Dyson11110000011
30Nikki Morley10100000010

Guardian Cup Running Total

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 4th MayRound 2 11th MayRound 3 18th MayRound 4 25th MayRound 5 1st JuneRound 6 8th June
1Kevin Davies12212202525242424
2David Cope107122232323211517
3Alex Chaffey - Green104118202414162222
4Stu Ward102115252220131619
5Paul Shaw88882402222200
6Craig Lee868617201915015
7Richard Morgan8585benchmark212417023
8=Geoff Lovelady6880151613121212
8=Andy Milligan6868benchmark201501716
10=Jeff Wood6262002120021
10=Neil Houghton6262190001825
12Carl Hitchenson59591617161000
13=Graham Veal5454181818000
13=Emily Martin5454220001913
15Sam Taylor5353210001418
16Deborah Morgan4646benchmark0023230
17=Lloyd Smith393900benchmark18210
17=Steve Marlow3939000141114
19Matt Heath363600171900
20=Shaun Roberts2525benchmark002500
20=Nigel Woods25250000250
22Colin Carthy20200000020
23Claire Thompson13130000130
24Nick Butterworth11110001100
25Jack Fearon000benchmark0000
26Andrew Mallagh00000benchmark00
27John Keen000000benchmark0
28Dave Fearon000000benchmark0
29Mike Dyson0000000benchmark
30Nikki Morley0000000benchmark