Some seriously good pace judgement in this weeks 10. 

A non point scoring round with a Nearest the Bull competition ie an individuals actual time versus their predicted time without the benefit of a Garmin , Wahoo or other electronic device to pace.

Double celebration for Stu Ward who recorded the fastest time for the evening at 23:58 and also Nearest the Bull winner being within 1 second of his predicted time of 23:59 sec, Followed closely by Kevin Davies who got with 5 seconds recording a 25:45 and Geoff Lovelady who was only 16seconds out recording a 30:14.

The bit of fun this week seemed to go down well, Oh and Stuart won the box of wine gums [as promised]. 

Super Smashing Great , Just look what you could have won!.

There is no change in the overall competitions.

R8 28/6/23
PosRiderDeclared timeActual TimeDifference [sec]
1Stuart Ward23.5923.581
2Kevin Davies25.4025.455
3Geoff Lovelady30.3030.1416
4Millie Lumsden 30.5230.3517
5Rob Jones26.1525.4728
6Richard Morgan25.2025.4929
7Craig Lee24.5324.1934
8David Vincent25.1524.2451
9David Cope27.1028.1666
10Paul West30.0027.37143
11Alan Silver35.4233.11151
12Andy Wardle35.5531.57238