Mam Tor I counted them out but ……..

Yesterday saw the first running of a 200k from Winsford to Mam Tor and beyond. There was a good WVCC turn out, 5 at the start, Josh, Roy, Phil (who had opted for this event as their first 200) and Syd and myself.

As we set off towards Macclesfield it was a bit nippy. By Broken Cross a layer of clothing came off in anticipation of the climbing which was about to start . Here Josh and dad went off up the road. Between Rainow and Chapel the roads were clear but the hills snow dusted. Phil began to feel it and his elastic started to stretch. His legs were not going well on the long drags against gravity but he kept catching us on the descents . On Rushup Edge, Syd and I kept a steady rythym which became the pattern for the day as all the climbs went on and on and on. We were grateful for the drop to Edale and the first feed of the day. Once again, Phil caught us at the café.

The 3 of us set off together down the valley to Hope then climbed over to Bradwell. On this bump we heard Phil say “ See you later”. From Bradwell there was another section of grunting through Tideswell, Millers Dale to Moneyash. Along this stretch we picked up Roy, who kept us company through Hartington and for some of the climbs through Warslow. On the leg to the Mermaid Pub he felt the bonk approaching and took a breather. It was a relief to drop down to Tittesworth and food stop number two. As we arrived Josh left and we left shortly after Roy arrived.

Leaving the café we thought about Gun Hill (very, VERY briefly) but settled for going via Rudyard as directed, before finally dropping to Congleton and the Cheshire PLAIN- boy were we glad of it. I was running out of “empty boxes” to put my mind in! I had lost the ability to put accurate distances to places and seemed to think that Old Ma’s was only 12km from Congleton !! We eventually got there with plenty of time to spare. Feed three – PIE – and it was needed. On the final leg back to Winsford I managed to find a wrist jarring pothole, but fortunately no adverse effects on the bike or myself.

As we pulled in to the control the organiser was on the verge of heading for home despite the fact there was still 90 minutes to closure, cheeky chap had given up on us. It was hard to believe but Syd didn’t have a single puncture and I carried his spare air around all day!

So I cannot say I counted them all back but assume 3 of the 5 made it. It was a brutal first 200k  and if any of you are looking to join the select band of mileaters I suggest looking for rides that start in Cheadle or Poynton as they are generally flat.

Stats for those who like that sort of thing

142 miles 228.5km

3002 m of ascent

Helping set course today for @WeaverValleyCC for @nwcca race tomorrow. I hope the wind dies down! 🌪

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Wrinklies Ride Out
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WVCC Club 10 TT – Guardian Cup R...
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Alternative Training Ride
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10:00 Wrinklies Ride Out
Wrinklies Ride Out
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A 10:00 for a 10:10 depart.. an easy, no one gets left behind run. Usually head out into the wind so we have a tail wind home.
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WVCC Club 10 TT – Championship 10
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WVCC Open 25 Mile Time Trial
Jul 6 @ 14:00 – 18:00
Volunteers will be required for this event. Please try and support your club. Contact Chris Gilbertson to volunteer for a duty on the day. Thanks.

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