Club 10’s – Round 9 – 25th July 2018

A well earned pint.

A good night again this week with warm but still conditions.  Jim Duffy realized that his lack of racing didn’t translate into lack of form last week, so came back from more.  he improved again and took the wind easily.  Stu Ward is also on fire with a PB just pipping Paul Connor by 2 seconds.  Carl Hitchenson clearly learned how to push himself tonight with a whopping improvement from a 28 to a 25!!  2 rounds to go so make the most of it.

Event Result

PosRiderActual Time
1Jim Duffy22:37
2Stu Ward23:36
3Paul Connor23:38
4Craig Lee24:37
5Colin Carthy24:47
6Emily Martin24:58
7James Lovelady*25:40
8Carl Hitchenson25:44
9Ged Lacey25:47
10Darren Johnson25:49
11Colin Latter26:23
12Andy Wooley26:29
13Steve Marlow26:38
14Paul Shaw27:11
15Geoff Lovelady27:54
16Elaine Mossman28:19
17Dave Wilkinson29:58
18Rob Amson32:33

Guardian Cup

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 9th MayRound 2 16th MayRound 3 23rd MayRound 4 30th MayRound 5 13th JuneRound 6 27th JuneRound 7 4th JulyRound 8 18th JulyRound 9 25th JulyRound 10 1st AugRound 11 8th Aug   
1Carl Hitchenson12416000252514252422251 January 1970
2Mike Lodge11515302516222322222301 January 19701 January 1970
4Colin Latter1131260021025201324231 January 19701 January 1970
3Rob Amson112155023242417121419221 January 19701 January 1970
5Paul Connor1021180241800181621211 January 19701 January 1970
6=Paul Shaw1011120231424220110181 January 19701 January 1970
6=Darren Johnson941040017182102117101 January 1970
8Colin Carthy93137241612161616170201 January 19701 January 1970
12=Emily Martin9090002202002115121 January 19701 January 1970
9Anthony Booth8811623181321131081001 January 19701 January 1970
14Andy Wooley8787000181919180131 January 1970
12=Craig Lee8310501911011131520161 January 1970
10Jonno Gibson818100917182301401 January 19701 January 1970
15Steve Marlow8181021160015018111 January 19701 January 1970
11Dan Robson8080251510012180001 January 19701 January 1970
16Geoff Lovelady6987014015911912171 January 1970
18Elaine Mossman63630000240250141 January 19701 January 1970
19Ged Lacey63630000021230191 January 1970
21Stu Ward6060017000019024
17Dave Wilkinson577201381401071191 January 19701 January 1970
20Luke Curbishley424200202200000
22Lyndsay Astles3434020000140001 January 1970
29Jim Duffy323200000001616
23Laura Gray313100190001200
24Paul Longley25250000000250
25Steve Haskew242400000240001 January 1970
26=Sam Jones23230023000000
26=Nick Butterworth232300000010130
28Rob Dacey19190001900000
30Richard Munro151500001500001 January 19701 January 1970
31Steve Lucas101000001000001 January 19701 January 1970
Jamie Walker000000000001 January 1970
Paddy Lucas00000000000
Ben Jones00000000000
Matt Sayle00000000000
Dave McKay00000000000
Alistair Stanway00000000000

Scratch Competition

PlaceNameBest 5 PointsTotal Points CumulativeRound 1 9th MayRound 2 16th MayRound 3 23rd MayRound 4 30th MayRound 5 13th JuneRound 6 27th June Round 7 4th JulyRound 8 18th JulyRound 9 25th JulyRound 10 1st AugRound 11 8th Aug
1Paul Connor123146025250025252323
2Craig Lee1161590242202324232122
9Emily Martin11511500240250242220
3Colin Carthy11317425202022222321021
4Darren Johnson1121480232124240201917
5Anthony Booth10115222191823191518180
6=Dan Robson96110241816017211400
6=Andy Wooley96111001921211817015
6=Steve Marlow96110022230019151714
10Paul Shaw7890017131916012013
11Colin Latter771020131201517131616
17Ged Lacey72720000182016018
14Carl Hitchenson70930961481391519
12Jonno Gibson67670091612160140
20Stu Ward6767021000022024
13Geoff Lovelady6282012015101281312
15Rob Amson6083217411795109
16Mike Lodge55690117129117120
18Dave Wilkinson546801081301061110
19Luke Curbishley5050016142000000
26=Jim Duffy505000000002525
21=Elaine Mossman44440011011011011
21=Rob Dacey333301501800000
23Richard Munro303000017130000
24Nick Butterworth292900100001900
25Lyndsay Astles282801400014000
26=Paddy Lucas25250002500000
26=Laura Gray252500150001000
29Alistair Stanway24240000000240
30Dave McKay23232300000000
31Steve Haskew22220000022000
32=Jamie Walker20200000200000
32=Paul Longley20200000000200
34Ben Jones17170017000000
35Steve Lucas14140000140000
36Sam Jones1313085000000
37Matt Sayle10100010000000


Steve Fidler wins cat M, Kris Zentek cat A, chris Quin Cat B @TLI_Cycling

Upcoming Events

10:00 Winklies Ride Out
Winklies Ride Out
Dec 19 @ 10:00 – 14:30
A 10:00 for a 10:10 depart.. an easy, no one gets left behind run. Usually head out into the wind so we have a tail wind home.
10:00 Training Ride
Training Ride
Dec 22 @ 10:00 – 15:00
Hatchmere X rds for a 10am sharp depart.. 10:01 we’ll be gone..
11:00 Boxing Day Fancy Dress 10! Ride ...
Boxing Day Fancy Dress 10! Ride ...
Dec 26 @ 11:00 – 14:00
Boxing Day Fancy Dress 10! Ride off that turkey...
Eaten too much turkey? An extra helping of Christmas pudding weighing you down? This is what you need! A 10 mile fancy dress time trial to get you kickstarted! Meet at 11:00 in Shakerley Mere[...]
20:00 Track Night – Manchester Velodro...
Track Night – Manchester Velodro...
Dec 28 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Track Night - Manchester Velodrome, National Cycling Centre @ National Cycling Centre | Manchester | England | United Kingdom
Track cycling. The perfect opportunity to get some excellent training and experience with the club. We have a British Cycling coach that will train you and give you probably the best 2 hour workout you’ve[...]
10:00 Training Ride
Training Ride
Dec 29 @ 10:00 – 15:00
Hatchmere X rds for a 10am sharp depart.. 10:01 we’ll be gone..

Club meeting times

Sunday runs:

10:00 - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club - see calendar for updated start times (Most runs 09:30 during the summer months)

Tuesday evening (informal - usually a small gathering!)

20:00 onwards - Winnington Park Rugby Football Club

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10:00 - Hatchmere

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