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    ” How many watts can you put out on a bike dad” my daughter recently asked during a conversation from Cambodia where she is working for Sustainable Cambodia near Pursat .

    ” How would a dinosaur know the answer to that ” I replied , though i do actually know figures from 1969 Salford Human Performance Lab but the figures would have no relevance to now !

    I have not been converted to this shiny lycra for very long not to mention upgrading to clipless pedals or understanding watts !

    ” How do you fancy riding a static bike for 2 hours , it being linked to a dynamo and then supplying the large wide screen tv on the back of the Tuc Tuc with power whilst the village children are watching The Lion King or David Attenbrough .” ?

    “But it could be 40 degrees c and no breeze or cooling fan” as i tried to play down the idea . Lucy replied ” we will put an umberella over you ” !!

    I know how Carl Pilkington in Idiots Abroad must feel when Ricky Gervais from his snug air conditioned office tells Carl about the next daring project he has arranged for him ! ( A TV programme ) I hope I do not have too much in common with Carl though .

    So , I will be doing this in Weaver Valley top of the range kit very shortly all in aid of raising awareness of this excellent Tuc Tuc Theatre project and to hopefully help them raise funds to ensure the projects future for the next 12 months .

    I envisage this being a bigger ordeal than it first appears for obvious reasons . I have been assured the bike will be the finest that Cambodia can conjure up BUT i have seen a sneak preview of a sit up and beg bike being fitted to a robust framework so i am prepared for the worst !

    If you would like to make my suffering all worthwhile then it would really nice if you could follow the links and make any size donation you like . it will be gratefully received .

    I know some would like to increase my suffering if they could but even so its for a great cause .

    Please read all about the project and perhaps read the blogs ,several written by Lucy .

    Thanks in advance to those who might contribute and many thanks to those of you who have already made a contribution , which according to my daughter will be guaranteed to be used to bring a big smile and some happiness to some of the poorest Cambodian children .


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    Come off it Alan, what are you worried about? you’ll be powering the popcorn machine during the interval from that bike! it’s payday tomorrow so I’ll drop a couple of ‘green queens’ Lucy’s way

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