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  • Jules
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    Well done Kris, best way to remove doubt is to Win.
    you’ll have to go to the club dinner now!
    Jim 😀

    Andy Wood
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    Awesome win by Kris, well chuffed. Good to see loads of the Valley in the top 20 too! Well done to Eleanor on another great race, NEG was spot on!

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    well Done Kris

    Rich M
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    Great result Kris, you looked very comfortable all the way round.

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    Autunm RR
    by LeaderAl » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:17 pm

    Thanks Eleanor great race today
    Thanks Kris for the first WVcc rider over the line not had a result like that for a while
    And what can I say about the marshals below says it all

    And please do pass on my thanks to all the marshals and the many others in the background who were all contributing to making another safe and successful Weaver Valley Cycling Club promotion.

    Kind Regards,
    Tom Greep

    (send to Eleanor and myself via e mail)
    A Very proud AlanLeaderAl

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    Yes well done kris! a great win! since you were about 1min 40 seconds behind when the bell went! I’ve got a short video of you crossing the line with the main peloton following on afterwards (which I’ve just reviewed). there was a lady shouting out “thats my son” was the lady in question your mother or was it for the rider who came in second ?

    ps: Well organised Eleanor
    Biscults and juice weren’t to bad either
    cheers tony

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    Wow what a fantastic race – if only it had been televised! I’d have loved to have watched Kris chase that break down on the A559 -Kris, you must have been absolutely flying! Next year we will book a helicopter to get an aerial view.

    Report and results on–Zentek-wins-Weaver-Valley-CC-Road-Race-0 already.

    Like Alan, I was just so proud of WVCC today.

    Firstly we had the winning rider, with a storming performance from Kris, and with Giles and Kev doing really well too. And a word too for Titch, who was really up for it. It’s a shame about the puncture Titch, but you’ve got lots of time to make your impact.

    And secondly – what a fantastic team we have to support events like these. Alan and Garry see to everything on the road – I just turn up at 8.20 and already signs are out, marshals organised etc etc. Ann does a fantastic job on the sign on desk – until you’ve watched her at work, you have no idea just how important and tricky a job this is – and pressurised too, when at 9.30 riders are still turning up to sign on, whilst those wanting entries on the line are clamouring for attention and others turn up having to pay for BC day licences. And then Ann uncomplainingly guards the hall, whilst everyone else is having an exciting time outside watching the race. Thanks too to Mary and Kevin, and quite a few others, who helped with refreshments and tidying up the hall afterwards. And of course there are all you marshals, drivers, first aid people, Terry on judging etc etc. And Ady as chief photographer, I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of Kris’s victory salute! (Kris, as victory salutes go, that one could do with working on).

    And the best bit of it all is that despite giving up their beloved Sunday morning ride, everyone seems to enjoy it and nobody ever moans.

    By the way – I’ve already had three e mails from riders saying how impressed they were with WVCC.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Images now in the gallery or at direct link at:

    Can’t knock you too much about your victory salute:

    1) you said you weren’t sure whether you’d won, or were 4th,
    2) as Dave Fearon mentioned later, strictly speaking, it’s against the BC rules!!

    Brilliant victory. Fantastic finish, with shouts of ‘is that a Weaver, it is, it’s Kris!!!’ at the line.

    Top day, well done all, again!

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    Hi Ady,

    On the subject of victory salutes, the point I was making was that I was glad that Kris didn’t do a full on victory slute as you see in Pro races, as amateurs have been penalised for doing this in the past and I would have hated for his moment of glory to be spoilt.

    Kris that wasa well thought out and powerful display as I thought the escapees had it in the bag with one lap to go, but you put in a special effort to bridge that gap and then take the win in convincing style. Well done mate and I hope you carry on improving next season.



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    nice one Kris 😀 the first of many !!!

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    Thanks for the support yesterday, thanks for the great marshalling, and thanks to Eleanor for laying on a great race!

    Right up to the line I was convinced I was battling for 4th, but heading into the last lap I thought I would have a go anyway. I felt strong, the knee was holding out, and before lost we broke away and we had to go for it then 🙂

    Heading onto the main road, we got a call that the lead was 30 seconds in front, and we caught 2 climbing up the bill which we passed with ease, hence me thinking they were a chase group. They tagged on with us to dark lane when there was an almighty bang at the dip.

    I thought it was my spoke, but hearing the swearing from behind I realised it wasn’t me and I attacked the hill. Managed to drop the other leader group member, and three were left for the home stretch. The games started, I was having none of that knowing the bunch would be right on our tail by now. We got to 100m before the right turn and I attacked from the front.

    Managing to stave off the chase, I crossed the line in (I thought) 4th, and gave a comedy celebration. It was only when I turned around that I was told I had won.

    This is my first win, and I am very proud that it was not only for weaver valley, but in a home race.

    Time to tuck into my breakfast at Manchester airport, see you in a couple of weeks!

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    Have a good holiday, basking in the glory! 🙂

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    Well done Kris. Massive congratulations to you, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. See you soon.

    Pete W
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    Great result Kris!

    Wish I could have been there to support/marshall, but was away on my stag trip. Just about recovered enough to post a congratulations!


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