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  • Paul Harding
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    Thanks Nick and Eleanor for your encouragement to participate in this event. Ady did you happen to capture any pictures of me (other than my left leg!) I was wearing red shorts?

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    Well done everyone – with you in spirit! 🙂

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    One of the other photographers who was at the race yesterday has put his images on Flickr,

    Senior race
    Vets race

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    @Paul H wrote:

    Ady did you happen to capture any pictures of me (other than my left leg!) I was wearing red shorts?

    Possibly not then! However, if you look on Flikr (see Matthew’ss post above), you might find something. You’ll have to get club kit so that I grab you next time out!

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    Here’s one of Derek, apparently wanting to kill Titch, (probably because he didn’t turn up to help set up the course) 😀

    Edit – Paul, Tim and yourself are first and third image on the vets race album I linked to, with some more further in.

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    Thanks to Nick and all the helpers for a great race. So good to have some team mates and home support too!

    I have been struggling to do any training at all recently, as I’ve been all around the world with work, long haul really takes it out of you week after week! But my HR data shows that cross is a great workout and its also great fun.

    My race was a mixed bag, I felt terrible beforehand, but with it being ‘our’ race, I decided to race regardless. With cross, the start is all important, and is really a sprint for position. I decided, with not feeling too good, that I was going to go 90% off the start – BAD IDEA! I was in the blender of riders in the mid pack, wasting energy and getting held up. I need to practice these starts! The course was great, a good mix of twisty grass and a few forays into the woods, with a couple of carrys thrown in too. It is really surprising what these bikes are capable of in terms of grip and how much punishment they can take!

    The great thing with cross is that after a few laps, you get into your own battles with the riders around you, and because you can’t save a great deal of the percentage of energy used by drafting like you can on the road. And you will be stronger on other parts of the course than the people you are racing against, so you may overtake, only to be brought back in later in the lap. I suppose its a bit more like running in that respect.

    The course wasn’t massively muddy, but the recent rain meant that the top layer was very slippy and there were sections where you would struggle for grip, when it looked as if there would be plenty. The best tactic for this is to go off line onto the grass a bit, which also has the benefit of shedding some mud from your tyres. This is a good thing as the coefficient of friction of mud-on-mud is very low!

    Around half way through the race I thought it would be a good idea to take on a gel, I recently ran out of gels and bought some ‘nitro+ Gels’ on a good offer. I had one of these and ripped the top off and it sprayed all over me! I looked like I had been stabbed! I finished the race looking seriously hurt and with all kinds of sympathy from the crowd!

    I had my GoPro on so you can all see what the race is like from the riders perspective! (With some hard trance music from my turbo trainer collection).


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