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    Dave Fearon has promoted my to report writer today [as he and Caroline were spectating near to the finish]

    This event was run off on the J2/9, Jodrell Bank,Chelford,Ollerton,Toft,Twemlow circuit..
    and this year incorporated the Johnny Helms Memorial title [Google Johnny to see his very funny cycling cartoons]
    The only WVCC entrants in this event where me and Ged Lacey [or Spanish Ged as he is also known]

    When Ged asked me in Feb ”did I want to ride the Warrington 2 up” I was a bit worried as most 2up’s are in March/April and I wouldn’t be fit enough..”oh don’t worry” he said, “its not till the end of September”
    well I had time then..

    Ged spent the summer warm weather training in Spain, me enjoying the blisteringly hot and wind free British Summer {!} on great roads surfaces πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, we had a little practice of Tuesday of this week and we were good to go. πŸ˜€

    Syd and Pat Rimmer were out spectating and we had a welcome shout and some good pics {sorry Syd, but Pat’s are better than yours}

    Today was an uncharacteristically GOOD day for this course, [probably the best day of the year] with very light winds, so you felt like it was a bit of a headwind all the way around- but you were making you own draft [a great day for fixed Dave]

    We trundled off from the time keeper at 2:14, and as we were approaching Chelford, I looked down at the average speed and it was 26.5 MPH.. this is good I thought..We went though 10 miles in exactly 24:00, however it was shortly after this that one of Ged’s clip on tribars came loose, he decided that the best thing to do was to take it off and put the offending bar in his back pocket, which all credit to him, he did on the move..
    however I didn’t hear him shout and just trundled on, [doing my best Ian Stannard impression] by the time I realised he wasn’t there, he was a good 80m behind. 😳

    Once back together, we throttled back a bit on the regroup.
    However, along Seven Sisters Lane, Heather and Fred Bamforth came passed on their 1st lap, [but not a lot faster ] .
    it was like a red rag to a bull and we exchanged the lead a few times down the A50.. before we finished.
    We stopped the 1:01:47 and were well pleased.. I’m sure we lost at least 30 secs with Ged’s tribar incident.. which would have put us well into the 1:00’s

    The event was won by Messers Williams [no relation] and Crawley from the Wrexam RC with a super fast 51.28..

    10 Mins faster than us…well you need something to aim for don’t you !.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    Great ride Jim and Ged. Caroline and I enjoyed the potter out and standing watching the riders suffer up that bonk just before the finish. Now you’ve got the racing out of the way yo0u can focus on getting in the miles for next year’s 24 hr. You always said you would do one before you were 30 so you’re couple of Years late! Better late than never though.

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