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    In the past couple of weeks Paul Longley (titch) and myself have raced in various (British Cycling) crits.
    There’s been two more in Darley Moor (derby) where we both have finished in the bunch! Then I raced at salt Ayre sports centre in Lancaster where I finished 11th – then on Sunday we both raced at Port sunlight crits. We both thought we were racing at 1pm as did most of the field but it turned out to be 3pm – so bit of a waiting game. Anyway the race was very fast with no let ups and the field split up into two bunches, both of us were in the first bunch until I realised it wasn’t going to be my day! due to me making a cardinal sin and hammering it on the 75 mile Saturday training run even though I new! I was racing on the Sunday, doh! Won’t be doing that again in a great hurry! as my legs were so heavy! even after a good warm up! So I decided to drop back and let the second group catch me up! Anyway, when the bell went my heavy legs syndrome had gone! and there were about 20 in the second group, as we got to about 1/4 mile out I decided to jump them all and I broke away on my own and managed to create about a 100 yard gap! but as I got to the finishing straight I could feel the second group getting closer and breathing down my neck and as the finishing line approached i managed to hold them all off! bar one rider who beat me by half a length on the line.

    Paul pulled out due to what some people would call (some unfriendly riding) others might call it by a different name!
    I understood where he was coming from as i received some too!


    Andy Wood
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    Nice one Boothy! Great to hear you’re on form, all that hard work paying off! Some top placings!

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    Great racing guys

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