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  • NickR
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    Hello all,
    I just wondered why there there seems to be so much more interest in TLI events than British Cycling from club members?

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    Never racing in a BC race yet. I plan to do so at some point. More than likely the junior RR that El Underhill does.

    The TLI are cheap to enter and you can race locally every week during the summer months. You race in age groups instead of CAT’s. I enjoy racing with people my own age. The TLI race at Saighton on Sunday was the best race I’ve done, racing in a 40-49 age group. The TLI races are quick enough for me!!! Sunday was 49 miles at 24mph averge and Tuesday race was 32 miles at 25.5 average.

    Looking forward to trying a BC race but will more than likely stick to TLI and next year do a few races with LVRC.

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    Hi Jules,
    The BC races are also cheap and loads around in the NW. I’m racing at Saighton next weekend and in Northwich the weekend after (in our own John Boote Mem event). Just seems a shame that not many other members do the BC races – I dont have anyone to talk to!!!
    I can see the appeal of getting to race in age groups rather than cats though.

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    Hi Nick, it’s good to hear you’re riding BC events – I’d always gathered they were rather harder than TLI. I know a few of our riders enter them occasionally, so hopefully you’ll see another WVCC jersey in one before too long!

    If you’re racing in any event, please could you let me have any race reports (even if you just finish in the bunch), so that I can include them in the report I send the Northwich Guardian. A couple of lines will do, by 8p.m please on Sunday night so I can meet the deadline – to Please don’t be shy – it’s good publicity for the club, and might encourage other riders to join you. Thanks!

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