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  • Eleanor
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    Julian how are you – that looked like some nasty road rash… And what’s the verdict on your bike?
    Well done everyone else, some great racing and Alan I reckon you should enter the under 40s next week!

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    Hope to see you back fighting for the top stop soon Jules!

    I really enjoyed Tuesday, apart from the crash. I managed to finish the race, and almost had enough to sprint finish but my legs gave up at the top of the drag.
    I think my tactic of staying at the back too a little too much out of me, as it was hard keeping up with the corner exits, and I wasn’t holding a wheel for most of the race.
    I am still a bit too nervous to join the pack though 🙁 It’s all practice I suppose…

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    Thanks El and Kris,

    Road rash is pretty bad, going pretty quick when I came off. Cannot sit properly and working from home.

    The thing that has really pissed me off is that the bike frame is wrecked. Seat tube is to badly damaged to be repaired 🙁

    I’ll be out again as soon as possible. Was starting to go well in the races as well.

    See you soon

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    Hi Jules

    Bad news you crashing, i didn’t know bout it, Sorry to hear about the bike too but as long as you aren’t too bad…

    What happened?


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