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    This is an epic annual event – with over 600 of the UK’s best cyclo cross riders climbing Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen y Ghent. The climbs involve walking/running/carrying one’s bike, whilst the descents are either of the get-your-front-wheel-stuck-in-a-peat-bog or the rubble-strewn-stony-descent variety. Despite the difficulty, however, conditions were excellent today with no wind, dryish ground underfoot after weeks of good weather, and it was warm though cloudy.

    Kev and Dane represented WVCC, and what a tussle they had. Dane led all the way, by some margin, but Kev slowly started to pull him back. They each had mishaps ( Dane a nasty over the handlebar fall and Kev a puncture) but they continued to look really strong and confident. Kev finally started pulling Dane back on the climb up Pen y Ghent, and he overtook him at the top – but Dane refused to concede, kept him in sight on the descent and raced past him once they were both down onto the road for the last few undulating miles to the finish. Kev spotted him and jumped on his wheel, then allowing Dane to do all the hard work over the last mile, before pipping him to the post with a sprint past him on a short uphill stretch before the finishing line. Incredible, isn’t it, that our two riders should finish so close together after over four hours of racing and with so many other riders in the event.

    Titch also competed, representing his bike shop The Edge. He did brilliantly, completing the course in just over 5 hours, which is a big achievement when he’s still only 19 and this is a serious endurance event. Despite the endless climbs he kept positive and although he found it really hard, he never gave up mentally or physically and he battled on.

    Another notable performance was from Dave Halman, a veteran rider who used to ride for Altrincham but has now recently joined WVCC. There are only two people who have completed more Three Peaks events than Dave – who finished in fine style today, and thus has now done no fewer than 39 of these events. That’s quite something, isn’t it! I know he is keen to do 40 but didn’t manage to finish over the last couple of years, so he’ll be really chuffed about this year.

    The winner was Rob Jebb, he came in just under three hours in 2.29.25. Nick Craig (MV40) was only just behind him on 3.02.27. Kevan (MV50) finished 280th in 4.19.26, Dane (senior) came 282nd in 4.19.29, Titch (u23) in 5.03.10, Dave Halman (MV60) in 5.53.33.

    I decided not to ride this year, and thoroughly enjoyed being a spectator/supporter instead. But watching them all, I still have this niggling feeling that I want to do it again next year, if nothing else just to finish within the cut off. Once I’ve done that, I can then retire happy!

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    hey, chapeau to all three of you, it was nice that the weather didn’t play its nasty tricks and you were able to get it all out!
    ‘Mishaps’, they should be called ‘Character builders’ ! 😉

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    Great report El and a grand day out watching the event. I’ve just put some photos on the Blog which I took on the final climb up Inglebrough. Rob Jebb ran that bit with his bike over his shoulder and already had 2 minutes lead on Nick Craig – awesome! Ann and I did a more leisurely ride on Saturday along some old tracks from Horton including the climb of Fleet Moss.

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    Next year I will actually train for the event. Rumour has it I have done a few running sessions already and plans to take up rock climbing are said to be floating about. I wonder what the biggest improvement is that the three peaks has ever seen?

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    Titch, its not uncommon to knock over an hour off your time, my friend was just over 4hours this year, and was well over 5 on his first attempt 4 years ago. There is a lot to be gained from mentally knowing that you have done it before, and what training you will need to do to get your legs ready.

    This year I did no walking and a little running, and was found massively wanting on all of the climbs!! Descending has mostly been ok, as we trained on the pennine bridleways near saddleworth, which are very rocky. This allowed us to test kit/ tyre pressures etc and develop some descending skills. I also live next to the new clayton vale MTB centre, so have been using that for a blast.

    In the future, some long hilly runs and walking up hills (with the pushchair I think!) will be very useful.

    Dont be down on yourself mate, you did fantastic, and now you know what to expect!

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