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  • johnk
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    Just letting you know I am still alive.
    During the downhill I had a bad cold. On the track night I had another cold. Last weekend I felt better for the first time in ages and was going to come out on Sunday. On Saturday I was working in my back garden, tidying up. I stood on a manhole cover which I have stood on a million times before and it collapsed under me. I fell the 4 feet or so into the drain and my right foot landed badly. I knew I’d broken something straight away and after I climbed out of the drain I cleverly tried to walk back to the house. After a step I realised this was a bad idea (I think people in China heard my scream) so I sat down, called my wife (always keep your mobile with you) and went to hospital. Anyway after xrays and scans and pulling and poking and lots of morphine the consultant finally confirmed yesterday that I have broken my calcaneus (Heel Bone) into 3 major parts and into more fragments than he could count (a bit like crushing a Crunchie bar). Due to the nature of the injury there is no benefit in operating and it is just better to let the foot heal naturally. I have been sent home and have been told I am not allowed any weight at all on that foot for at least 6 weeks after which time I will be reassessed and they will decide what next then. I will end up with a fatter heel than I had before and by the time I can do any exercise my calf muscle will have atrophied a long way but then with physio I will be able to build it back up over time. So, that’s my hour record attempt out of the window for this year. Maybe next. At this rate perhaps I will see you all for the downhill 2016. Take care. Have a good year!

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    Oh John poor you! I hope you recover ahead of schedule and that you stay patient in the meantime. Chess and/or crochet are to be recommended as occupational therapy in the meantime. Love from us both x

    Andy Wood
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    Bloody hell John! Nightmare! See you next year!

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    Your a walking (and riding) disaster 😆

    Hope you recover soon 😀

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    Speedy recovery John.

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    hey this is a disaster, 😮 I just hope your well enough for me to beat you fair and square in the next downhill champs…. 😀

    get well soon man,,, and keep off that foooot.. 😉

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    An unfortunate accident John but it needn’t mean no cycling. Have you Googled ‘one legged cycling’? There are a few options you could consider. You could even try out a hand cranked trike. I suppose it all depends on how keen you are.

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    Thanks for all your wishes everyone. I am mostly confined to bed at the moment – i can get up to go to the loo and that is it. I will be back on my bike in time for the summer weather i expect. Well done everyone that went to Llanberis, i liked your Strava playback Jim. It was funny watching whoever it was that went off piste near the end!

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