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    Team Fearon took their annual trip to the legendary V718 ten mile TT course at South Cave near Hull on Sunday. It is now proving to be very difficult to get a ride on this rapid course as the more people who ride it the faster the closing times get. We ride this event because they have 3 different races, slowest 120, fastest 120 and 120 riders in the ladies, juniors, juveniles and senior overflow race. Caroline, Jack and Connor entered the overflow race and all got in but I entered the fastest 120 race and only got a reserve slot. Incredibly this event closed with a LTS PB time of 20:47 which is 3 seconds quicker than my PB which until Lee came along was out club record! I was in luck though as the weather forecast was for high winds so several pulled out and I got a ride.

    For once the weather forecast was correct and the wind got steadily stronger as the afternoon progressed. Caroline was first WVCC rider on the road and she borrowed my 50mm Corima front wheel as her 4 spoke front was too much of a handful in the strong winds. She battled against the headwind for the 4.5 mile leg to the turn island and on the climbing slip road to this point, her speed dropped down to single digits! 😮 However the return leg was epic with a largely direct tail wind cruise along the fast dual carriageway taking her well over 30 mph for much of the way. She stopped the clock with a massive season best of 25:38. Winner of the ladies race was Jessica Bacon of York Cycleworks who produced a 21:37.

    Connor selected 93″ fixed today as his father is too tight to buy him gears and it will do him good in the long run. 🙄 I must admit that Fixed wheel is not always ideal and today it was about as far from ideal as you can get as a small gear would require eye watering fast pedalling on the return leg but a large gear would be a serious weight training session into the wind. 93″ was a compromise as it was probably too big going out and definitely too small coming back so it was really just a great workout. Connor said that he almost came to a grinding halt up the slip road at the turn but he gritted his teeth and got on with it producing a very impressive 24:31 which is one of his fastest rides ever. Just think what he could have done on gears! 😉

    Jack has hardly raced for months and never trains or even rides a bike normally so today was always going to be hard. He also rode 93″ fixed on my bike as we didn’t have space to get 4 bikes in the car and I was off much later on. He gave exactly the same feedback as Connor and funnily enough did a similar time just pipping Connor by 21 seconds with his 24:10. Just think what he could have done on gears! 😉 Both Jack and Connor pulled out impressive rides in these tough conditions as the first 4.5 miles were agony today so only the brave could take advantage of the super quick return leg.

    Yours truly was off much later on and by then the wind was throwing unsecured children and sheep all over the place at around 45mph!! I ignored the advice of my sons and decided to try out a risky strategy. At best I could do a good ride and at worst I would have a training session to remember. I have been riding 93″ fixed all season due to my lack of training miles but today I used 111″ fixed (58 x 14) so that I could take advantage of the 5.5 mile tailwind return leg. This of course assumed that I would get to the turn in the first place and the lads very much doubted this. In the end it wasn’t so bad. Just imaging riding up Chapel Lane in top gear but for 11 minutes and you get the picture. I dropped down to 13mph up the turn slip road but I was still alive. The return was amazing and I really enjoyed it as I didn’t drop below 40 mph for the last mile which was the fastest bit. I stopped the clock with a 21:13 which is 23 seconds shy of my PB on the same course 3 years ago. Just think what I could have done on gears! 😉 That will do me as it was not expected this Season. The seeding however proved to be correct as unbelievably only 3 people in that 120 man fastest event failed to beat my time and the winner, Joshua Williams of Revolutions Racing did a 18:03 which is in the top 10 fastest times ever recorded at this distance. Strangely all of the fixed riders were clustered at the back end of the field but they all had a good tail to tell at the results board so they were happy.

    I had my Garmin 510 nicked from the HQ which was a bit of a downer but other than that a great day out. Good luck Jim in a couple of weeks from now when you follow Sir Bradley down this magic corridor of speed. If you were thinking of riding fixed, check the weather forecast first. 😀

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